Who is Juan?

Juan Garrido graduated from Glendon Campus, York University in 2016 with a double major in Drama Studies and Sociology. Through his academic life, Juan focused on how theatre and on a larger scale, art can provide commentary on society. His sociological interests lied in the study of marginalized groups such as racial minorities, queer-identified individuals, and people with disabilities.

He was a student ambassador for Student Recruitment, and took an active role in student government, serving as one of the student Senators for Glendon College on the York University Senate. He was also one of the co-Coordinators of GLgbt*.

As a result of his work during university, and a number of leadership development experiences, he developed aspirations to pursue  higher education and leadership in future graduate studies and to work in university administration and student affairs.

Juan became experienced in social media management and looked to continually learn more about how the growing online world can affect all aspects of his work and life.

He also was part of the blogging team at Someone Like Me, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s youth blog.

Juan spent his free time watching Netflix, obsessing over pandas and reading books about leadership, queer issues, and by comedians.


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