Thank You

Thank You GLgbt* & GCSU

One of my favourite times of the school year is April. Not just because exams and final assignments are finishing up. And not because classes are done. I actually got super sad this year as I saw my friends starting to think about their courses for next year, and I realized that I’m done taking courses for my undergrad.

The reason it’s one of my favourite times of the year is because this is the time that different student clubs and organizations start hiring their new executive team members and setting plans for the coming year. (more…)


My One-Year Anniversary with TED

On March 28, 2015, I did the coolest thing ever.

I’ve referenced it a couple times in my blog. It’s been my fun fact for every ice breaker since then. And I’ve probably told you about it or mentioned if you’ve talked to me since then.

I gave a talk at TEDxYorkU.

But I never actually wrote a full reflection about it. So here we go. It’s only a year late… (more…)

4 Things I’m Thankful For

Every year, I make sure to write a blogpost for Thanksgiving in honour of me writing my very first blogpost for #TeamAwesome (AKA, the wonderful crew of Glendon bloggers that show how beautiful… and talented and smart that we Glendonites are!). Since this is my fourth Thanksgiving blogpost I’m writing, here are 4 things I’m thankful for. (more…)

To Infinity and Beyond…

My first Christmas in Toronto in 1994.

My first Christmas in Toronto in 1994.

Ahh December, time for gifts, family time, winter and a little self-reflection on the year that’s ending. Usually people save the year-long reflections for the end of the month due to New Year’s but this year I’m looking back on the past year a little earlier because of what happened in early December last year. (more…)

Connecting With Keele

Last year I wrote a post about “The Keele Connection” where I talked about some of the reasons I like to go to Keele. At that point in my York life, it was, like most things in my life, based on food. However, this year, I have gotten a lot more involved with York-wide initiatives, and because of that I’ve gained a lot of connections and friendships at Keele, and gotten some awesome opportunities. Here are some of the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to take part in! (more…)