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Thank You GLgbt* & GCSU

One of my favourite times of the school year is April. Not just because exams and final assignments are finishing up. And not because classes are done. I actually got super sad this year as I saw my friends starting to think about their courses for next year, and I realized that I’m done taking courses for my undergrad.

The reason it’s one of my favourite times of the year is because this is the time that different student clubs and organizations start hiring their new executive team members and setting plans for the coming year. (more…)


How Student Government Shaped My University Experience

Richard the Lionheart – the GCSU’s trusty mascot!

When I was preparing the start at Glendon, I knew I wanted to get involved, and that student council was definitely a possibility for me – and so in October of my first year, I ran for the position of First Year Representative (after fellow eAmbassador and then-First Year rep Gillian said I didn’t have a choice in the matter). And that’s how I first got involved with the Glendon College Student Union and the student movement. (more…)

Tweet With Purpose: Digital Student Leadership

Hand-Drawn Twitter Logo by Shawn Campbell

Hand-Drawn Twitter Logo by Shawn Campbell

Social media and leadership are two of biggest passions, and for the last few years, much of my involvement on and off campus have focused on developing my skills in social media management and leadership development. Imagine my delight when I first read Josie Ahlquist’s blogpost “What Is A Digital Student Leader?” and the amazing discussion that surrounded it within the student affairs and student leadership communities online.  (more…)

A Note On Student Leadership

Accurate representation of my life.

Ever since I can remember, I have never been just a student. In elementary school, I participated in a bunch of activities outside of school like swimming lessons and Karate. In high school, I found my niche in student leadership through getting involved with… well everything. So naturally, that didn’t change when I came to university. (more…)