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My First Student Affairs Conference: Reflections on #ACPA16


Thanks for the scholarship, Commission for Wellness!

From March 5-9, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the ACPA NextGen Conference and ACPA-College Student Educators International annual convention in Montréal. ACPA is an international professional student affairs association, and the NextGen Conference was two-days for future student affairs professionals, or new professionals to learn about the field, career and professional development and make connections. I was lucky to be given a scholarship from the ACPA Commission for Wellness for the NextGen conference, which also allowed me to participate in the main convention with over 3000 professionals from around the globe.

In one word, it was amazing. However, it was such a big experience I need a few more words. So, my very first professional student affairs conference was… (more…)


Student Affairs: A Whole New World

Flashback to first-year Juan. He’s entering Glendon with the hopes and dreams of becoming a high school French and Drama teacher. He’s always loved school and education, and his high school teachers were huge influences on him.

He applies for the French Concurrent B.Ed program at the end of his first year. He’s been saying that he’s wanted to be a teacher since grade 4. He’s a shoo-in.

However, he doesn’t get in… His whole life was leading to the moment he would start his education to be a teacher, and now… he won’t be starting.  After going through a number of emotions, he’s left with one question: now what?  (more…)