Here We Go Again!

Another year has started at Glendon. Frosh week has come and gone, people’s schedules are (mostly) set for the year and the campus seems to have entered into a routine that is comfortable to everyone. This is my 4th beginning of a new year of university but not my last. I will definitely be doing a fifth year but this year I’m definitely starting to feel my age and experience. Not that it’s panicing or whatever.



Am I The Only Queer Latino There Is?: My #WP14TO Speech

The following is the speech I gave at the Glendon World Pride Opening Ceremony, that happened on June 24, 2014. Please enjoy!

“Merci à tous et à toutes qui sont venus aujourd’hui pour célébrer WorldPride 2014 à Glendon! Thank you to GLgbt*, TBLGAY and the Art Gallery at York and all the supporters of York At Pride for putting on this amazing series of events this week but also for asking me to speak – not that you could’ve kept me away. Je me sens tellement chanceux d’être un étudiant de Glendon, de vivre en Toronto et d’être citoyen de Canada cette semaine. In a city and country that is so multicultural and progressive, the feeling of being open, out and proud is an incredible one.



The Importance Of Finding Mentors

Everybody knows university is the optimal space to gain new experiences, obtain ground-breaking knowledge and start to learn about yourself, what you want out of life and for your future. These three facets of university – experience, knowledge and self-discovery – are what I believe make university so great.

_MG_0006The fact that there is an institution in society that simultaneously teaches people what they’re passionate about, educates them about their passions and also provides them with so many opportunities to explore and develop themselves is incredible. And I love being part of it. (more…)

My First Summer In Toronto

I just finished my first day working as the Residence Life Summer Projects Assistant, and I’m sitting on the shuttle, heading to my Introduction to Sociology course at Keele. I’m feeling ready and pumped for it. This summer is going to be a great one.


The summer may be off to a rough start…

I’ve gone through a lot of growth this past year. But you can read my other blog posts about choosing a new major, a new career path and exploring my passions to learn about what this year has done for me.

This post is about moving forward.

It’s about me setting new goals for myself. It’s about me making plans for the future. It’s about me taking responsibility for my life.

Before I start another year of craziness, I’m taking this summer to really focus my energy on things I’m passionate about. Between summer donning and my job with residence life, I’m excited to gain more knowledge and experience about student affairs – which will be useful next year as I continue my work in student government as a Student Senator & as I begin my work with Lion’s Den as the Peer Mentor and Communications Assistant.

Advancing my degree by taking a summer semester, and especially now with a refocused outlook on my courses will prepare me as I begin some of my upper-year courses for both Drama and Sociology.

Yes, my summer in Toronto is sure to be an exciting one. Throughout the summer, I’m going to continue blogging about what it’s like to be a summer student, what it’s like to spend my first summer in Toronto as an “adult”, and as I prepare for my final two years at Glendon.

End Of Third Year

All my marks are in. My contract for donship is up. I have a few more things for recruitment to do. And my term as Glendon College Director for the YFS finished in 2 days.

Third year is done.

Some of my friends and I were reminiscing about Frosh Week and talking about how far we’ve come since then. The memories are so fresh that it feels like it was just yesterday.

And yet, here I am, finishing my third year of university.

My plans for the summer?

Well unlike last year, where I didn’t have a job or classes, I will be summer donning at Glendon, taking Introduction To Sociology, Theatre Performance Outdoors and Sociétés, Conflits et mouvements sociaux and I’ll be working as the Residence Life Summer Projects Assistant.

So yeah. I’ll be busy. As always. AND I LOVE IT. I thrive off being busy. Plus, I love Toronto, and I can’t wait to spend my first summer here as an adult!

What are your plans for the summer?

PS. If you’re starting at Glendon in September, join our GL 2018 group on Facebook – Meet your future fellow students, get all your questions about life at Glendon answered and get a headstart on being a Lionheart!

If You Didn’t Instagram Your Meal, Did You Really Eat It?

Feta & Asparagus Stuffed Chicken, Pulled Chicken Tacos, Slow Cooker Pork Chops

Happy Easter everyone! This past weekend, I decided to go home to Kitchener to spend some quality time with my brother and my dog. My mom is currently in Texas, helping out my sister and niece and my dad is always on the road in his job as a truck driver. I decided to make feta and asparagus stuffed chicken, with roasted potatoes and a tomato-cucumber salad. Why? Well, because my brother and I needed something to eat for dinner… and I love cooking.


My Top Three Surefire-No Fail-Foolproof Steps To Productivity. (That Sometimes Work.)

When all else fails… take a nap. Or two.

April. The middle of finals time. Students are scattered across campus as they cram for their exams, actually focus in their study groups and are fueled by caffeine, adrenaline and energy drinks as they type away their final papers for the school year.

Everybody has different study habits – Some people need complete and utter silence. So the workspaces in Frost Library, complete with a beautiful view of the Rose Garden and Don Valley are perfect for them. (more…)