Fourth Year Wrap-Up

Back in September, I created a Glendon bucket-list for plans and goals for myself for fourth year. It was a way for me to ensure that I make sure that I had a direction, some focus  and that I had things I could work toawrds. So now that all my grades are in, and that the academic year has been done for almost a month (oops.) here is my review of my goals. Did I complete them? Read on to figure out! (more…)


A Great Thursday Night!

One of the questions I get a lot from friends back home or prospective students is “what do you do on residence in your free time when you’re not studying?” A lot of the time it’ll be very low-key activities. My roommate Morgan and I have taken to putting on my Netflix and watching “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” That show was actually so good! (And by good, I mean outrageously bad and corny. Ironically good.) That or we’ll watch a movie. Or take naps. Naps are a very good thing.  (more…)

Resources for LGBTQ* Students

Our resident rainbow lion :)

Last year, one of my first blogposts was this one here: An International, Close-knit Community! In it, I talked about how diverse Glendon was by showcasing students from very different backgrounds! The reason I was able to write that is because the community and environment here at Glendon is one of accepting and celebrating differences; whether they be racial, religious, philosophical or sexual orientation.  (more…)

Jumpstart Interview with Nick

ImageIn a similar vein to my last post which came from an interview I had with Jennifer, this one is an interview I conducted with another new Glendonite, Nick Chaloux. He has just finished participating in Glendon’s “Jumpstart” program which allows incoming new students to participate in workshops that get them used to the university lifestyle. (more…)

It’s Almost Time

Hello friends! It’s been awhile, I know! First off, let me say that I hope you all have have been having marvelous summers!

So school hasn’t started just yet, but it’s VERY close! Some students are participating in the Jumpstart program this week, and DFrosh are moving in starting this Saturday! Everybody is super excited and things are starting to fall into place. (more…)