Thank You GLgbt* & GCSU

One of my favourite times of the school year is April. Not just because exams and final assignments are finishing up. And not because classes are done. I actually got super sad this year as I saw my friends starting to think about their courses for next year, and I realized that I’m done taking courses for my undergrad.

The reason it’s one of my favourite times of the year is because this is the time that different student clubs and organizations start hiring their new executive team members and setting plans for the coming year. (more…)


Taking Spanish Courses Is Escalofriante/Scary

Full disclosure: I had to WordReference the Spanish word for scary for my title. 

As I described in my latest blogpost, I mentioned how right at the end of summer I decided that I NEEDED to get my trilingual certificate because I have major FOMO and I have graduation goggles on, so I want to make sure that I get as much out of my Glendon experience as possible…

Because I haven’t already?…

But I have.


Me about everything Glendon.


The Importance Of Finding Mentors

Everybody knows university is the optimal space to gain new experiences, obtain ground-breaking knowledge and start to learn about yourself, what you want out of life and for your future. These three facets of university – experience, knowledge and self-discovery – are what I believe make university so great.

_MG_0006The fact that there is an institution in society that simultaneously teaches people what they’re passionate about, educates them about their passions and also provides them with so many opportunities to explore and develop themselves is incredible. And I love being part of it. (more…)

Courage: Reflections on Glee & Leadership

I’m a huge Gleek. I’ve been obsessed with everything Glee-related since it first started in 2009. Every Tuesday (and then Thursdays… and now back to Tuesdays) since then I’m always watching the latest episode, singing and swaying along with the McKinley High kids (when it’s not on a 398312 week hiatus). (more…)

The Boy That Flew: Reflections on Struck By Lightning

*This is the first of a monthly series of blogposts where I’m going to reflect on TV, movies, books and plays that have served as inspirations for me and have taught me lessons about leadership and life.* 

I’ve always loved Chris Colfer. He’s a personal hero and inspiration to me. His character on Glee, Kurt and his storylines has always been important to me, and his resiliency and strength have inspired me.

The character of Kurt was created specifically for him, he’s a New York Times bestselling author, has mastered stage, screen and the written word and he’s only 23.

His movie and book “Struck By Lightning” remains the  most influential part of his career (so far). The struggles Carson Phillips, Chris’ character in the story, faces were very similar to mine, and parts of the movie and book really helped process some of my own insecurities. (more…)

Student Affairs: A Whole New World

Flashback to first-year Juan. He’s entering Glendon with the hopes and dreams of becoming a high school French and Drama teacher. He’s always loved school and education, and his high school teachers were huge influences on him.

He applies for the French Concurrent B.Ed program at the end of his first year. He’s been saying that he’s wanted to be a teacher since grade 4. He’s a shoo-in.

However, he doesn’t get in… His whole life was leading to the moment he would start his education to be a teacher, and now… he won’t be starting.  After going through a number of emotions, he’s left with one question: now what?  (more…)