Thank You GLgbt* & GCSU

One of my favourite times of the school year is April. Not just because exams and final assignments are finishing up. And not because classes are done. I actually got super sad this year as I saw my friends starting to think about their courses for next year, and I realized that I’m done taking courses for my undergrad.

The reason it’s one of my favourite times of the year is because this is the time that different student clubs and organizations start hiring their new executive team members and setting plans for the coming year. (more…)


Frost Week Madness!

One of the biggest parts of university is the famed Frosh week that happens during September! A great week that welcomes in the newest batch of students with activities all week to orient them to the campus, the community and the university life! Fellow eAmbassadors Sarah and Nick have talked about Frosh Week before, so make sure you check their blogs out!

I usually hibernate during the winter, but outdoor soccer isn’t normal during January is it?
Photo Cred: Toronto Sun

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning Frosh Week in January… Well, that’s because in January we have another awesome week to welcome students back after the winter break and to usher in the batch of students that are starting their Glendon life in January. This week is called FROST WEEK! (Because it’s winter. So there’s frost on the ground. Or rather, there should be.)