Campus Love

Fourth Year Wrap-Up

Back in September, I created a Glendon bucket-list for plans and goals for myself for fourth year. It was a way for me to ensure that I make sure that I had a direction, some focus  and that I had things I could work toawrds. So now that all my grades are in, and that the academic year has been done for almost a month (oops.) here is my review of my goals. Did I complete them? Read on to figure out! (more…)


Here We Go Again!

Another year has started at Glendon. Frosh week has come and gone, people’s schedules are (mostly) set for the year and the campus seems to have entered into a routine that is comfortable to everyone. This is my 4th beginning of a new year of university but not my last. I will definitely be doing a fifth year but this year I’m definitely starting to feel my age and experience. Not that it’s panicing or whatever.


End Of Third Year

All my marks are in. My contract for donship is up. I have a few more things for recruitment to do. And my term as Glendon College Director for the YFS finished in 2 days.

Third year is done.

Some of my friends and I were reminiscing about Frosh Week and talking about how far we’ve come since then. The memories are so fresh that it feels like it was just yesterday.

And yet, here I am, finishing my third year of university.

My plans for the summer?

Well unlike last year, where I didn’t have a job or classes, I will be summer donning at Glendon, taking Introduction To Sociology, Theatre Performance Outdoors and Sociétés, Conflits et mouvements sociaux and I’ll be working as the Residence Life Summer Projects Assistant.

So yeah. I’ll be busy. As always. AND I LOVE IT. I thrive off being busy. Plus, I love Toronto, and I can’t wait to spend my first summer here as an adult!

What are your plans for the summer?

PS. If you’re starting at Glendon in September, join our GL 2018 group on Facebook – Meet your future fellow students, get all your questions about life at Glendon answered and get a headstart on being a Lionheart!

Student Spotlight: Beckie Hickman

One of the many things I love about Glendon is the vast diversity of students we have on campus. Every year, I have met students who show me how amazing our student population is.

Recently, I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know Beckie Hickman, a fellow third year student. We’ve known each other since first year, but this year we’ve become friends. I sat down with her and asked her some questions about her experience at Glendon.


Campus Spotlight: Glendon Women and Trans Center

The Glendon Women and Trans Center has become one of my favourite spots on campus this year, and it’s because it is an awesome way to get, it’s a hub for information, and they support the community in so many important ways! Everything they provide is available to students, staff, faculty and alumni of Glendon, so they support the entirety of the Glendon community. (more…)