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Lunik: The Place To Be On Wednesday Night… and all the other times.

I’m currently sitting in Lunik, watching “Where They From” by Missy Elliot on a projector screen while student do homework or destress after a long Wednesday. Even faculty and staff members are hanging out in Lunik. All while sipping on some Molson Canadian Cider.

Straight *fire emoji*. (That’s what cool people say, right?)


It’s Late Night Lunik, one of my favourite parts of the week.  (more…)


Why You Need To Apply To Scholarships

Okay, I used a click-baity article title to get your attention. And I’m going to let you know the answer right now.

It’s the shocking fact, reported by the London Free Press, that over 5 MILLION DOLLARS in scholarships are unclaimed EVERY YEAR.

That’s $5 000 000. 6 ZEROES.

That’s money. That people want to give to students. That they can’t.

So the morale of this story: Fill out your student financial profile. Apply to scholarships – two great websites are and Ask your work. Ask your parents’ work. Ask your volunteer placements. Look for every scholarship out there.

And take your time filling them out. Treat it like a job. Edit. And then re-edit. A few extra minutes of editing could get you $5 MILLION. Okay. Probably not that much. But even if it is $100, that’s school supplies. Or Nutella.
For some more information about finances, check out this awesome video from Jessica Perkins, one of the amazing financial wizards at the Glendon Financial Services.


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Student Spotlight: Beckie Hickman

One of the many things I love about Glendon is the vast diversity of students we have on campus. Every year, I have met students who show me how amazing our student population is.

Recently, I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know Beckie Hickman, a fellow third year student. We’ve known each other since first year, but this year we’ve become friends. I sat down with her and asked her some questions about her experience at Glendon.


Campus Spotlight: Glendon Women and Trans Center

The Glendon Women and Trans Center has become one of my favourite spots on campus this year, and it’s because it is an awesome way to get, it’s a hub for information, and they support the community in so many important ways! Everything they provide is available to students, staff, faculty and alumni of Glendon, so they support the entirety of the Glendon community. (more…)

¡Viva la raza!

*Primero, feliz día de independencia a todos los guatemaltecos (y los otros latinos que lo celebran el 15 de septiembre!) Estoy muy orgulloso de ser latino y chapín!*

Nací en Guatemala. Pero como ya he dicho, mi familia y yo hemos mudamos  mucho. Ni importa donde vivimos, mis papas se aseguraron que mis hermanos y tuvimos una conexión a nuestra cultura latina: la música, la comida, y películas  latinas y típicas. También había una mezcla de español e inglés en la casa. Honestamente, no uso mi español como quiero, pero como yo he tomado clases en la secundaria y a Glendon en español, pude preservar mi español. (more…)

Frost Week Madness!

One of the biggest parts of university is the famed Frosh week that happens during September! A great week that welcomes in the newest batch of students with activities all week to orient them to the campus, the community and the university life! Fellow eAmbassadors Sarah and Nick have talked about Frosh Week before, so make sure you check their blogs out!

I usually hibernate during the winter, but outdoor soccer isn’t normal during January is it?
Photo Cred: Toronto Sun

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning Frosh Week in January… Well, that’s because in January we have another awesome week to welcome students back after the winter break and to usher in the batch of students that are starting their Glendon life in January. This week is called FROST WEEK! (Because it’s winter. So there’s frost on the ground. Or rather, there should be.)