Lunik: The Place To Be On Wednesday Night… and all the other times.

I’m currently sitting in Lunik, watching “Where They From” by Missy Elliot on a projector screen while student do homework or destress after a long Wednesday. Even faculty and staff members are hanging out in Lunik. All while sipping on some Molson Canadian Cider.

Straight *fire emoji*. (That’s what cool people say, right?)


It’s Late Night Lunik, one of my favourite parts of the week. 

I first wrote about Lunik back in my first year, but in the last few years, Lunik has changed tremendously! It has renovated its’ operations, structure and services. It has a wider range of food and drinks available to students, still all at cost! I recommend the Guayakí Yerba Mate drinks.

This 7 foot goddess slayed the scene that night!

One of the greatest parts though is the addition of the weekly event, Late Night Lunik. Different clubs or organizations host it each week and this year there have been open mic nights, Bachata nights, trivia night and GLgbt* even hosted a comedy night! Serving local beer and wine (for those 19+), and with food often provided by the host organization, these nights have proven to be a blast!

I have met new friends, gotten a chance to actually reconnect with friends and more importantly, I get to relax after my long 9 hour day of work!

Throwback to Lunik’s Launch Party in 2011

It’s amazing hanging out in this amazing space that I once *wipes tear* saw begin and start back in 2011. It has come a long way, and my love for this cooperative has never wavered. It’s my favourite spot on campus to do homework, relax, take naps and reconnect with friends.

Lunik, I’m proud of you et je t’aime!


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