Recapping 2015

So much happened in 2015.

This has been the whirlwind of a year. When I think about all I’ve done, it’s hard to believe that it all happened within the last 12 months.

We’re not in 2015 anymore, Toto

But what’s really cool about this past year, is that I accomplished a lot of what I set out to try in both my 2014 and 2015 #OneWord365 goals. So I thought it would be cool to recap everything I accomplished in 2015, before I decide on and talk about my 2016 #OneWord365… Because it works apparently (for me.)

2014: Write

I had decided that 2014 for me would be all about writing. In many form. However, I realized at the end of the year that I didn’t end up following along that well that year. But unexpectedly, I got a lot of writing done this year, despite not focusing on it.

I wrote a TEDTalk. And then said it. In front of people. LOOK.

Hey ProTem, ever thought about getting singing men to hand out newspapers?

I wrote for ProTem. ProTem is Glendon’s student newspaper. It was the first, and is the only bilingual newspaper in the province. Any student can write for it, and this year, after 5 years, have finally written for it! I’ve been in a couple of issues, so feel free to check out their new website and look for my article.

I started my own personal blog. (Which will be used.) I’ve been thinking about starting a personal blog because in 5 months when I leave Glendon (*sniff*), I want to continue blogging, especially about my thoughts on higher education, leadership and cooking. Now I sort of underestimated how much work running two blogs would be, so it’s kind of taken a back seat, but over the next year and few months, I want to breathe new life into it.

2015: Explore

After kind of flopping on “Write”, I decided that 2015’s word would be Explore which allowed me to transplant that into multiple parts of my life.

Living Ethically. I committed to only buying free range eggs, and have cut out dairy milk from my life. And save a few textbooks and xmas presents (and Tyler Oakley’s book…) all the books I’ve bought this year have been second-hand. So I have definitely tried to explore different avenues to live ethically.


How the tides have turned… now I’m flirting with YOU on Twitter, Tyler.

New opportunities. The two goals I concretely set out for exploring new opportunities were give a TEDTalk and do a York Global Internship. AND I DID BOTH. (See above for TEDTalk.)

I also lived in Ottawa this summer working with Fulbright Canada, and that was an incredible experience! I’m still working with them as their Social Media Intern and I have learned so much from this position as well. (Shameless plug: Follow us on Instagram.)

This was a big year. I did a lot. And 2016 is looking to be just as big. Graduation. Job searching. Grad school applications. And more exciting new projects, experiences and memories.

My #OneWord365? Not sure yet, and I’m going to really think about over the next few weeks before 2016, but I know it’s got to be something that will inspire me to always continue writing, exploring and growing.

Yes, Michael Cera. Life is happening.


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