The Semester Is Done! Good night.

Another semester: Done. It’s nap time.

Basically me.

This semester I was lucky enough to not have any exams during the exam period.

I mean, I paid for it by having papers and assignments galore for the last few weeks. And I paid for it in lack of sleep.

Normally, I sleep 7-8 hours per night. And there’s nothing that stops me from that.

I frequently say that I believe there is no paper, exam, assignment, meeting, or event that is more important to me than my health, which means getting a regular amount of sleep every night.

Especially living with multiple sclerosis, I really need to keep my stress and sleep under control.

My brain, when finishing essays late at night.

But during midterm/finals/exam season there is bound to be a couple weeks where I miss out on a few hours of those treasured z’s.

Now that the semester is done, I can start sleeping.

And do my Christmas shopping. And move ahead with grad school and job applications. And catch up with friends and the endless “Let’s grab coffee sometime” dates I plan with them. And work on my research paper. And restrategize for my website. And work more hours at Recruitment. And keep doing work for my internship. And budget for the new year…. *sigh*

But first. A nap.



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