Unpopular Opinion Alert!: Writing Essays Can Be Fun

It’s officially December.  I’m in the middle of writing essays, final assignments and studying for exams, as are my fellow university students.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 19.36.59

Now I LOVE essays. I adore writing academic papers, thinking of a thesis, connecting concepts and nerding out over the application of theory in the real-world. I’ve had the pleasure of writing a number of essays I’ve had a vested interest in which added to the fun of writing them. The two papers I’m working on right now are looking to be some of the most interesting topics I’ve covered so far – and they both happen to be for Professor Joanna Robinson, who just won a Principal’s Research Excellence Award!


So many sources.

For Social Inequality, I’m going to put on my higher ed. hat on, and look at the social inequalities Latino university students face in the U.S. higher education system. This will combine my passion for higher education, my growing interest in the American university system, and my desire to learn more about supporting Latino students, like myself, as I reflect on my own identity.


I want to own you.

In Qualitative Methods, we had to conduct an interview and find a sociological concept from it. Continuing my trend of reflexive sociological works, I decided to look at the intersection of queerness and religion, as I identify as a gay man and a Christian. These identities are often seen as mutually exclusive, and can be at odds with each other, so looking at how these roles and identities interact with each other based on academic theories and the interview I conducted is super interesting. I’m using Chickering’s theory of identity development, which has a huge role in student development theory and higher education studies, so extra nerd points.

Me, when a library book I need is already checked out.

Some of my other favourite essays I’ve written in the past have been:

  • La tecnología, la cinema y el romance (How technology and popular culture have changed our ideals of romance)
  • The Holy Trinity: Truth, Justice & The American Obsession With Technology (Comparing religious and technological fanaticism? yes please!)
  • La pornographie et sexe/genre: Renforcement de domination ou outil de changement social? (Not only my first sociology paper, but my first paper in French!)
  • Tis happiness to die or ‘tis nobler to suffer?: Suicide in Othello and Hamlet (My one regret was not having drawn upon Durkheim’s Suicide)
  • The Need For Discussion: Issues of Diversity in Canadian Post-Secondary Education (My first paper about the higher education system!)
  • Hunchbacked, Deformed and Rudely Stamped: Disability in Literary and Dramatic Depictions of Richard III (The pinnacle of my double major; used sociological disability theory to analyze Shakespeare)

Real life hidden camera footage of me.

Moving forward, I know I want to do further university studies. In that time, I know I’m going to be writing lots and lots of papers – and I’m excited! As I’ve moved through my undergrad, I’ve realized the importance and value of caring what I write about, and writing what I care about.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish these papers. Byeeeeeeee.



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