Thank You, Fulbright Canada

I spent 13 weeks in Ottawa this summer working for Fulbright Canada as a part of the York Global Internship program, and it was an incredible experience. This post is a thank you to everyone who made the experience great. I’ve been back for a couple months now, but the reason I’m writing this now is because I wanted to wait until after I got to go back to Ottawa earlier this month to work the Fall Orientation and 25th Anniversary Gala which I spent all summer planning. So thank you Fulbright Canada…

Completely candid, not posed photo of me at my desk.

Completely candid, not posed photo of me at my desk.

… For challenging me

I spent all summer running the logistics and administrative tasks for the 25th Anniversary Gala of Fulbright Canada and their annual Fall Orientation. Now, event planning and logistics have never been my favourite tasks. I prefer face-to-face interactions and being the face of an event. But over the summer, I gained a new appreciation for the more administrative side of running an event. I gained such satisfaction when I got to check items off of my to-do list, or organizing the project binder – and even more of a sense of fulfilment when I got to see all that hard work pay off.

… For giving me great opportunities

By organizing the orientation program for Fulbright scholars, students and Killam fellows, I was able to meet so many amazing people. Being in that environment where I knew every person in the room was interested in education, academic, positive social change and making the world a better place was amazing. Seeing the passion they have for their fields, even if it’s fields that I don’t know much about, was inspiring.

… For showing me the program
I also started researching U.S. universities for grad schools for two reasons. 1, now that I learned about the Fulbright Program, I’ve decided to apply for a Fulbright Award to study in the US when I’m ready to get my Master’s in Higher Education. I spent some days of my internship just scouring university websites, so I learned about dozens of different universities, many who are not sitting on my favourites folder in my browser because they’re now legitimate choices for me in my #SAGrad search.

I’m also happy to say that I just started as the community management intern for Fulbright, so while my internship and the Fall Orientation has come and passed, my Fulbright story isn’t ending here.

So in short, THANK YOU!

Click here for more info on the York Global Internship program! And here for info on Fulbright and Killam scholarships.



  1. Uh, internship match made in heaven?? I’m so glad you had such a great summer – reading about research opportunities for your future career (where you’ll slay obvs) was especially exciting!! Can’t wait to see all the great work you do post-GL (wait… what…?) Juan ♥

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