Why I’m Taking a 5th Year. And a full course load.

Frosh Week has come and gone, and it was incredible. And now school is back in session. And it’s terrifying. Becuase I just started my 5th year at Glendon. I’m not alone – a number of my friends have come back for a fifth year, and studies are showing that taking extra time on a standard 4 year BA is becoming more and more normalized. I joke a lot about being a 5th year, being “old” and having been around Glendon for approximately 1000 years. (Math was never my strong suit.)

The big question I get whenever people learn that I’m doing a 5th year is “why?” And I actually have some great reasons for this!

1. Quite obvious, but I need to finish off my requirements to graduate. Up until 4th year, I never did a full course load, and that paired with switching my major back in 3rd year, led to me playing a little bit of catch up. Now, techincally, I only need 3 half-year courses to graduate. But I’m doing 3 full year and 4 half year courses.  Why? Well…

2. I’ve mentioned before that I want to work in university administraton as my career. And right now I’m working part-time with the student recruitment office, I’m doing my second year as a student senator, I’m coordinating GLgbt* and sitting on the Peer Review Board. I haven’t done the math on it, but I bet if I added all my hours of Glendon/York-related work, it would pretty close to the equivalent of a fulltime job.  And since I want to have a full-time job in a unviersity, I kind of feel like I have started my career which is awesome But to have all these jobs, I need to be considered a full-time students which means I need to take the equivalent of 3 full-year courses. So I’m taking some extra sociology courses.

And I’m doing a directed readings course with the amazing Jennifer Sipos-Smith. Through this course that I designed with her I will be acting as a Course Coach in her outstanding leadership class that I took two years ago, and I will also being doing a major research project on higher education institutions and their public relations responses to labour relations.

And then I’m also taking 2 full year courses in Spanish because I decided at the very end of the summer that I wanted to go for my Trilingual Certificate of Excellence which means I need to fulfill the requirements to write the exam… and improve my Spanish enough to do well on said exam. So I’m doing a full course load.

This is going to be a busy year, but I’m ready to make 5th year, my best one yet at Glendon.

Bring it on, 5th year.


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