Ottawa 2015 – The Halfway Point

I moved to Ottawa on May 3 for an internship with Fulbright Canada, an opportunity afforded to me by the York International Global Internship program. The internship is 13 week, and this is the start of week 7 for me. I’m not the best at math, but that mean’s I’m halfway through.


I’ve had a great time so far, and have learned a lot about myself professionally and personally.

1. Working 9-5 is exhausting…

I’m working 9AM-5PM, Monday to Friday. And I really miss my nap time. I slept for 13 hours the first Friday I was here. I was just so done. However, 6 weeks in, I have started getting used to is. I still feel tired by the end of the week, I chalk most of that up to being ready for my weekend.

2. But I get bored when not busy

I lead a very different lifestyle in Ottawa. Back at Glendon I’m juggling my courses, work, GCSU, planning events and attending meeting after meeting. Meanwhile, here in Ottawa, when I’m done working at 5PM, I don’t really have much to do besides eating and bingewatching Netflix shows. I have joined a gym to start getting in shape and I am loving it! While I’m enjoying my break, I can tell that if I had to do this much longer, I would get super bored and have to find something else to do.

3. Being alone isn’t that bad
I’m an extrovert. Plain and simple, I love being around people. I used to say that if I was left alone for more than 15 minutes, I would probably end up just sleeping. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten a lot better at being alone. I’ve started to really appreciate time by myself where I can write but I also know that most times I would choose being with people over being alone. Moving to a new city where I don’t know many people means that I spend a lot of time by myself.

At first, I felt lonely but now I’m enjoying exploring the city by myself, eating copious amounts of shawarma and poutine and I’m FINALLY getting a chance to cross some books off my “To-Read” list.

4. But making friends is different outside of school

When you’re in school, you’re surrounded by peers your own age. Once you get to university, the ages of people start to diversify but theyo ave similar personal, professional, and academic interests. Even your schedules are similar! It’s easy to get to know people, and with great programs like Jumpstart, Frosh Week and the Lion’s Den, there are tons of great ways to make friends.
Outside of school, it’s a little different. I lucked out this summer and have some great roommates. I’ve gotten to know them, they’ve taken me to some local popular restaurants, introduced me to their own friends and even threw me a birthday party! It’s different once you’re out of a school environment, but it’s possible.

5. I’m ready for more!

I’m really excited for my last year at Glendon. I’m excited to co-coordinate GLgbt*. I’m excited for another year of senatorship. I’m excited to live an apartment off-campus with friends. I’m excited to work on my directed readings course and major research paper on public relations in higher education. And while I’m sad that this will be my last year, I’m also excited to use all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned to move on. To move on to a career. To move on to graduate school. And to keeping growing, learning and having amazing experiences like my internship in Ottawa!


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