Why You Need To Apply To Scholarships

Okay, I used a click-baity article title to get your attention. And I’m going to let you know the answer right now.

It’s the shocking fact, reported by the London Free Press, that over 5 MILLION DOLLARS in scholarships are unclaimed EVERY YEAR.

That’s $5 000 000. 6 ZEROES.

That’s money. That people want to give to students. That they can’t.

So the morale of this story: Fill out your student financial profile. Apply to scholarships – two great websites are ScholarshipsCanada.com and Yconic.com. Ask your work. Ask your parents’ work. Ask your volunteer placements. Look for every scholarship out there.

And take your time filling them out. Treat it like a job. Edit. And then re-edit. A few extra minutes of editing could get you $5 MILLION. Okay. Probably not that much. But even if it is $100, that’s school supplies. Or Nutella.
For some more information about finances, check out this awesome video from Jessica Perkins, one of the amazing financial wizards at the Glendon Financial Services.


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