Fourth Year Wrap-Up

Back in September, I created a Glendon bucket-list for plans and goals for myself for fourth year. It was a way for me to ensure that I make sure that I had a direction, some focus  and that I had things I could work toawrds. So now that all my grades are in, and that the academic year has been done for almost a month (oops.) here is my review of my goals. Did I complete them? Read on to figure out!

“Get a B+ in all my courses since I’m starting to look at grad schools (AHHH.)”

So this was a tough year – it was my first time actually doing a full course load. And it wasn’t the easiest, it was stressful and I wrote more essays than any year previous. BUT I DID IT. I was able to get (almost) straight A’s! I got one B+ so that still helped me stick to my goal. I also completed a course through Athabasca University for which I got an A as well. One thing that this year showed me and really solidified was that I love school. I realized how much I actually like writing essays and doing research.

“Research and figure out a way to go abroad next summer.”

So this one wasn’t completed fully. I didn’t find an opportunity to go abroad this summer. BUT. I am currently writing this while in the downtown core of Ottawa. I’m completing an internship through the York International Global Internship program with Fulbright Canada. Not only am I able to get an experience in a brand new city, Fulbright Canada is a perfect opportunity for me to gain a different and new outlook on higher education and communication.

“Figure out a directed readings course/thesis course for fifth year. (AHHHHHH.)”

This goal came out of my wish to complete some academic work that was specifically geared towards my career in higher education  so that way I could get an academic perspective. I’m happy to tell you all that I will be completing a course with the marvelous Jennfier Sipos-Smith. She has an individualized studies courses and through it I will be assisting in some development work for leadership curriculm at Glendon. But mostly I will be writing a major paper on public relations strategies in higher education. I’m excited for this opportunity and I’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the process.

“Stick with the same degree all year. HA. Get it. Self deprecating humour. (#committmentissues)”

I have the same degree still. Don’t worry. I didn’t change it again. Although, there were brief moments where I considered it.

“Have a kick*ss year as a Don, senator and Lion’s Den Team Lead!”

HECK YES. This was an amazing year for my involvement in the community. Even though I won’t be returning to donship or Lion’s Den next year, I had an amazing time this year. I wish next year’s teams a huge good luck, and hope they have just as awesome of a time as I did. I’ll be doing my second year of my senatorship term and I’m just as excited as I was last year because I know what amazing time I’m going to have.

So yeah, fourth year was a success. And this summer is looking to be a great opportunity for me to take a break from my usual craziness while still having an amazing experience. And I’m super excited to get back to Glendon, start my 5th year and finish my undergrad on a high note!


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