3 Tips For When You’re Deciding Between Schools

She's cooler than me, I know.

She’s cooler than me, I know.

This past week was reading week. I decided to take the week completely off, pack my bags sans textbooks and visit my sister and her family in Houston, Texas. While I was there I took a campus tour of the University of Houston because they have an M.Ed in Higher Education Administration program that’s been in my favourites folder for awhile. I realized that what I’m looking for as a potential grad student is very different than what I was looking for back when I was deciding on my undergrad but I also realized that what I’ve learned from working with recruitment for the last few years helped me get the most out of the experience. So here are my top three tips for deciding between schools. 

1. Visit The Campus

I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I actually didn’t visit Glendon before I applied… or when I received my offer of admission… or when I accepted the offer. I actually didn’t visit Glendon until my enrolment appointment. All my interactions with the staff through email, on the phone and via Twitter were enough for me to push me towards Glendon. But saying that, I remember that when my mom and I drove onto campus for my enrolment appointment, I instantly felt at home. I knew I had made the right decision instantly. It’s all about the feel of the campus. Knowing that feeling is possible is what’s making me take my own advice as I start to look at grad schools over the next few years. So I ask myself: Do I feel comfortable on campus? Do the values of the community match mine? Can I picture myself there, studying late nights or making and hanging out with friends? Are the opportunities through the program and school ones that I want to take advantage of? Come visit Glendon on Sunday March 1 for Expérience Glendon or for March Break!

2. Ask Every Question

This year's handbook is the best IMHO.

This year’s handbook is the best, IMHO.

Campus tours, handbooks and presentations are pretty great resources. However, they can’t cover every single thing that every person might want to know about a school or else the handbooks would have multiple volumes, campus tours could take hours and presentations would never end. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t answers to your questions. If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, do one simple thing: ASK. Tour guides, our eAmbassador team and the lovely folks at the front desk answering your calls and emails are all here to answer every and any question you have. Be as informed as possible.

3. Be Mindful


I could eat these delicious tacos more often…

Be intentional in your decision making. Be aware of what attracts you to certain schools, why you’re interested in them and make sure that those reasons are clear to you. The University of Houston has a great campus, and I’d love to live close to (or with) with my sister and her family. That’s what attracted me to the school and program and while those are great reasons, I know that I’m not 100% sold. I’m going to keep asking questions about their program, but also weighing my other options. While that would be a great experience for me, I know that there are many other programs out there, so I want to explore my options and see if there are better fits for me.

Do you have any questions? N’hesitez pas de contacter notre équipe des eAmbassadeurs!


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