#OneWord365: Exploring Ways To Live Better

“Not all who Juan-der are lost.” – Krista McNamara, former Glendon student/kind of a cool person who thinks she’s funny.

With the new year comes people making resolutions and promises to themselves about how this year is going to be different. For some people this works, and for some people it doesn’t. Last year, I decided to go a different route and join the #OneWord365 trend and just choose one word that would help guide me. I chose “Write”… and the fact that I didn’t even write a wrap-up post for it, kind of tells you how it went.

explore-wallpaperSo this year, I’m choosing a word that can be used in many areas of my life: Explore. Over this month, I will also be publishing posts on SomeoneLikeMe.ca & the Student Leader Collective talking about how I’m going to be exploring better roads to health and exploring my professional development.

This post however, is going to be about how I’m going to explore ways to live better. This means living as a better world citizen – living ethically and also living better for myself by doing more reflection and trying new experiences.

Living Ethically

It may seem like a fad nowadays, but I’ve realized that I’ve started to try to live a more ethical lifestyle – one that is more environmentally friendly, one that reduces human rights violations and one that reduces animal cruelty. I’ve already sworn off buying bottled water (as has York University!), I only buy eggs from free-range chickens and recently have switched to non-dairy milks like almond and rice because dairy farms aren’t always the best for cows.
However there is even more I can do. I’m going to endeavour to buying more used books as opposed to new. I’m also gonna try to reduce the amount of waste I use, by learning how to use food scraps, how to properly recycle and also by trying to avoid buying things that are overpackaged or made to be disposable (I went wrapping-paper free this past Christmas!)

Trying New Things & Exploring New Opportunities 

I’ve written before about how being at Glendon and living in Toronto has awarded me some great chances to try new things. I want to continue experiences new things, and stepping further out of my comfort zone. Two projects that I’m attempting to do this year is to participate in one of York International’s Global Internships and speak at TEDxYorkU. I completed my applications over the winter break, and am eagerly awaiting responses from both parties.

Continous Reflection

Reflecting on my life, my ups and downs, wins and losses is something I want to continue doing in the new year. I’m going to do this by one, starting to get back in touch with my faith. I don’t talk a lot about it, but I have been raised in a Christian household, and am still a devout believer. I want to grow in my faith and I’m doing this through more prayer and as well doing daily Bible readings again.

This is going to be part of my daily routine now.

I also want to start journalling more… now I say this every once in a while, and it still hasn’t stuck. I’m going to explore different forms of journalling, including more creative forms and guided journals.

What’s your #OneWord365? Or what are your resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! 



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