“The Worst Week Ever in Kim Kardashian GIFs” or “Juan, Stop Throwing Yourself A Pity Party”

If you asked me at any point last week how I was doing, I would’ve said stressed, tired and grumpy. It was a pretty bad week, but I also realize that a large part of that was me being dramatic and catastrophizing everything. 

I started off the week behind on my readings  because I regrettably didn’t do much over the co-curricular days. So I started the week feeling pressed for time and worrying about how I was going to get everything done. Why was I being ridiculous? There was no need to be so worried. Starting the week off with that negative energy really set the tone for the whole week which didn’t help.


I planned way too much for that day so I spent most of the day running around trying to get everything accomplished. I ended up having to cancel on my moderator shift for #SLChat and carried the weight of bailing on my team all day. I also had to bake a bunch of stuff for two events, and even though I LOVE cooking, I HATE baking. Why should I have calmed down? I ended up getting everything done. And I should’ve just taken it one task at a time.


At this point, I was exhausted. I went through the day in a haze because I had a million things going on in my brain at once. And to top it all off, I cracked my phone screen at GCSU’s Annual General Meeting. Tais-toi, Juan. Kind of my fault for being on duty during the GCSU’s biggest meeting of the year. But on the plus side, it was a great meeting and helped remind me why I love being on council so much.


Come on, Juan.

It was Free Hugs Day, an event I decided to run that week in conjunction with the Lion’s Den and GCSU. I also had 6 hours of class. And rehearsal. And I was on duty. and I had an event planned for residence.  Come on, Juan… you know better. I probably shouldn’t have planned so much. However, all I can remember is how much fun I had at my event. We decorated the common room and cookies and I got to hang out with some awesome people.


Every Friday I have an early start and a long day. Normally I’m fine with this, but by the end of this particular week it proved to be quite too much for me. So I spent all day in a horrible mood. Silver lining? I did get to go bed SUPER early after a quiet night to myself.


It’s all about balance.

So this day wasn’t too bad. But it was long. Had rehearsal for my production course, and due the nature of the play, it involved me expending A LOT of energy. Why it wasn’t that bad. I remembered how much I love theatre, got to spend the day with some great people in my class and ended the day with a surprise birthday party for a friend I hadn’t gotten to see in a while.


My fans too.

I was starting to get sick. And I was completely spent. BUT IT WAS FALL CAMPUS DAY. FCD is one of my favourite days of the year. Getting to spend the whole day talking about something I love so much, feeling the excitement in the air and even getting asked for my autograph made for a great week.

The moral? Yeah. Sometimes bad weeks happen. Sometimes part of that is my fault because I try to accomplish too much. But at the end of the day (or the week in the case), the most memorable moments are the ones that made me smile, laugh and realize how lucky I am.

The real moral of this story.


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