How Sociology & Drama Are Preparing Me For My Future

When I started at Glendon, my goal was a trilingual iBA in French & Drama & Concurrent Education.

I also changed what I look like. So did Sarah.

I also changed what I look like. So did Sarah.

Well a few years later and things have changed a bit. (Spoiler alert: get ready for some old #throwback blogposts.) 

Despite the nerves that went into my concurrent education application, I didn’t get in and have fallen in love with student affairs. I decided to focus on learning French. But I also switched to Sociology. And I got involved with ResLife and student government so my exchange dreams took a back seat.

Michelle wrote an update on her choice in program with a new outlook. I figured I should too.

So Why Drama Studies (still…)?

At the risk of sounding corny, theatre is where I learnt about who I was and who I wanted to be in life. And that continues at Glendon. Walking into my Texte et Production course this semester, I knew almost all of the other students and was friends with them. SCORE.

I also get to dress up.

Glendon’s Drama Studies combines performance and literature – so while learning about acting techniques in Texte et production, I’m also combining English, History and Drama in Uses of History in the Renaissance while I work through Shakespeare’s history plays.

What are you going to do with it?

Being in plays helps my public speaking and I want to continue facilitating workshops and being a public figure for causes I care deeply about. Aussi, les deux cours de production que j’ai suivi étaient en français puis mes compétences linquistiques ont amélioré beaucoup! There’s also a spiritual and healing aspect of art that will help me discuss social issues.

Why Sociology?

Whenever tragedies strike, I use my sociological knowledge and imagination to work through them. I understand more about world and societal issues because of my courses in  social movements, gender relations and education.

Erving Goffman, creator of the dramaturgical approach to sociology AKA there is a well known theory that is literally my degree.

The sociology department is also flexible by allowing students to take courses at Keele or other universities. (As long as the department chair approves it and half or more than your major credits include Glendon students.) So I’ve been able to take courses at Keele and will be taking two courses with Athabasca University this coming semester.

What are you going to do with it?

Developing my sociological imagination will help me in my future career to understand the student experience. I’ve already used my coursework in my advocacy work. With my aspirations of scholarship on the horizon, my academic writing has improved greatly with these courses.

Next steps?

To move up in the world of university administration, it’s recommended to have graduate studies under your belt. Lucky for me, graduate program in student services and student development are becoming popular.

Sociology and Drama Studies have already and will continue to prepare me for my career in university administration and my future advocacy in the multiple sclerosis and queer communities. I love my programs and can’t wait for the rest of my degree.

Got questions about Drama or Sociology? Let me know! Check out Gillian’s post about her experience with Athabasca University here!


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