Anybody Heard About This New “Social Media” Thing?

Having been inspired by Brian Proffer’s latest post, “My ‘Whys’ For My Social Media” and the fact that I spend all day everyday glued to my phone, I’m writing this week on why I love social media so much. Social media has helped me find a career path I love, has helped me develop my own voice, and advocate for issues I hold dear to my heart.

Who uses their cellphone to call anymore…?

I’ve previously written on Digital Student Leadership in which I spoke about the growing trend within the world of student affairs (kudos to the writings and research of Josie Ahlquhist) of learning how to help students use social media productively. However I’ve never talked about why social media is an important part of my life.

My social media use goes back to my own website on Piczo. Fast forward to now – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube… oh my.

In the early days of my Twitter usage, I used it mostly as a diary where I would air out any and every feeling I had about every moment of my day. I tweeted my personal feelings about friends, teachers, strangers, family – a far cry from my workshops on positive social media usage.

When I got to Glendon, I applied to be an eAmbassador – having been drawn to Glendon partly because of the personal recognition I got from the @GlendonCampus Twitter account (run by my mentor/boss/life guru and incomparable Courtney Mallam) I knew I would love promoting Glendon through Twitter.

I started exploring a world where I would combine my love of social media with the skills and knowledge I was starting to gain — I also started to learn about student affairs and university administration.

I got with online communities like #SLChat and #SAChat to learn more about this field. Interacting with #SAPros who have so much knowledge, wisdom and experience, these were great opportunities to learn from them.

Not this kind of Community.

My involvement in the Student Leader Collective blog, the blog and this one has allowed me to find a voice online. It’s given me a platform to advocate for support and research for multiple sclerosis, for issues relating to queer-identified students, mental health and bullying.

This week, I’ve been chosen to be the curator for @PeopleOfCanada, a rotation curation project in which every week a different Canadian runs the account and tweets about their life. I’ve been able to chat with other rotation curators this week from New Zealand and Sweden and many others. I’m excited for this opportunity and I encourage everybody to follow this great account and other #RoCur projects to learn more.

Social media is a beautiful thing – it has helped me learn more about my passions and career path. It has helped me find a voice and has given me a platform to express it.

What are your favourite parts of social media? Any lessons you’ve learned from it? Share with me below!

Also – follow @PeopleOfCanada to follow along with me this week and @DonJuanGL when I go back to it next week!



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  1. Thanks for the shout-outs, Juan — you’re quite the social guru yourself. :) Hooray for online community-building!

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