4 Things I’m Thankful For

Every year, I make sure to write a blogpost for Thanksgiving in honour of me writing my very first blogpost for #TeamAwesome (AKA, the wonderful crew of Glendon bloggers that show how beautiful… and talented and smart that we Glendonites are!). Since this is my fourth Thanksgiving blogpost I’m writing, here are 4 things I’m thankful for.

  1. Mes capacités linguistiques

I recognize that I am very lucky in life to be trilingual. While my academic, professional social levels of English, Spanish and French are all very different, I have enough of a command of these languages to travel, meet new people and have many great experiences. Cada dia que pasa, reconozco que no puedo dejar que pierdo mis lenguas – quiero hablar mas español con mis amigos y mi familia, je dois parler et écrire plus en français et continuer mon amélioration du langue française, and funny as it seems, I want to improve my English. I want to pursue a future in academia and in public speaking – this mean I want to start broadening my vocabulary and improve my speaking style.. this means cutting my “ums” and “uhs” in both my public speaking and everyday conversations.

  1. Being A Student

    At least Señor Chang isn’t one of my professors…

Students complain a lot. It’s just a fact – whether it’s about a late class, student loans, an essay that you’re having trouble wrapping your head around, or a really long dense readings written in 18th century PhD vernacular sometimes being a student can seem like a burden. However, I recognize that being in school is a blessing that not everybody in the world has. Whenever I catch myself complaining about school, I try to take a step back and realize that first of all, the fact I am educated is incredible and second, I love my school – Glendon and York are great schools and I am very lucky to be in such a great learning environment.

  1. Being Surrounded by Cuteness
Don't be mistaken by his grey hairs - he's a puppy at heart.

Don’t be mistaken by his grey hairs – he’s a puppy at heart.

So a lot of people talk about being thankful for families and friends. And while I am extremely grateful for all of my friends and my family but there are two members of my family that this Thanksgiving I want to talk about. My 8 year old dog Tommy: My best friend since he first came into my family’s lives. Everytime I go home, he doesn’t leave my side and I spend my entire time taking pictures, snapchatting and playing with him. He’s adorable, loving, non-judgemental and everything that I want in a best friend.




And then there’s my niece Ava. She’s perfect and my favourite person ever. She’s a funny kid, with a giant heart and one of the bravest, strongest kids I’ve ever met. Yeah, she’s only a year old but she’s already captured my heart and I can’t imagine what life was without this bundle of joy in my life.

  1. Opportunities

My very first post for Thankgiving, I talked about how thankful I was for the many opportunities I have had. Lots of things have changed since I wrote that post – no longer are teaching, French Studies or exchange in my path. But university administration, sociology and graduate work and hopefully participation in the York International Internship Program (like Kelly did this past year!) are definitely on the horizon for me.

I’ve been presented with lots of opportunities in and outside of Glendon and York. My experiences within Glendon, with Leadershape, the Student Leader Collective, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and all the other amazing opportunities I’ve been afforded in life have increased my personal and professional development while helping me create lifelong memories and friendships.

What are you thankful for this weekend? Comment below, and make sure you count your blessings in life.



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