Be Open To Trying New Things

University is a time to broaden your intellectual horizons. It’s a time to learn about the world and what keeps it moving. It’s a time to meet new people, experience new cultures and become a well educated member of society.

Glendon has given me incredible opportunities that have led me to learn about myself and the world. Just in this month I have three very new experiences that have only been afforded to be as I am lucky to be part of the Glendon community, be in Toronto and have met some amazing people here. 

1. Trying Ethiopian Food

After the Ontario Universities’ Fair earlier this month, Sarah, Kiera and some of the other members of the student ambassador team and myself headed out for dinner. At the suggestion of Anisha, we went to Sheba, a quaint little Ethiopian restaurant located at College and Bathurst. I had the Sheba Meat Platter which had beef prepared in two different ways – the meal comes with Injera bread – a spongey, fragrant pancake which is used as the main utensil of the meal.

At the end of the meal, to celebrate one of our friends’ birthdays, we got the traditional coffee ceremony – strong coffee served with popcorn. It was an interesting experience but one that I will definitely be repeating!

2. Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Every year in residence, one of the most anticipated events is Don Sweets. All 14 of the dons in residence make a dessert, and residents are invited to go visit each don and have some of their don sweets in their don suites. (See what we did there?)

This year I decided to make chocolate-covered strawberries for the event. I’ve talked about how much I love cooking before – but I’m not a baking or dessert chef. I find baking too scientific and precise to allow myself to express myself through cooking. I loves me some chocolate and I loves me some strawberries so obviously I enjoy both together.

The process really wasn’t that difficult despite the fact I was nervous for it. Definitely a recipe I will be making again – probably next time just not 140 of them.

3. Golfing.


I went golfing today. #tryingnewthings #notmariogolf #whoami #nofilter

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I don’t like sports. Like any of them really. Sure sometimes I’ll go see a Jays game but that’s just because it’s a fun experience and I really like spending time with friends. But the whole sports part of it – not really my thing.

My good friend Gillian invited me in August to her mom and grandma’s birthday celebration this past Saturday. Little did I know that we were going golfing.

Despite the fact I thought I did horribly, Gillian, her mom and grandma all assured me that I did well that day for my first time… at club? at tee? It was definitely outside of my comfort zone and I enjoyed spending the day with some amazing folks but the whole golfing aspect… eh. Probably won’t be rushing out to the course again anytime soon.

Being open to new experiences, new cultures and things that take you out of your comfort zone is an integral part of the university experience. Have an open mind when you come to university – it’ll make your experiences even better.

Current students, what new experiences have you had at Glendon? 

Future students, any experiences you’re hoping to have when you get to Glendon/Toronto?

Comment below to share your thoughts!


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