Here We Go Again!

Another year has started at Glendon. Frosh week has come and gone, people’s schedules are (mostly) set for the year and the campus seems to have entered into a routine that is comfortable to everyone. This is my 4th beginning of a new year of university but not my last. I will definitely be doing a fifth year but this year I’m definitely starting to feel my age and experience. Not that it’s panicing or whatever.

This year I’m the senior most member on the Glendon College Student Union council, I’m one  of the senior ambassadors and I’m working at the Lion’s Den as a Team Lead which means I have people that I manage.

Now as someone who proudly actively participates in student leadership activities this wouldn’t seem like something that should weighing on my mind but even though it’s not my last ear, the gravity of my situation – that I’m entering what is one of my final chapters at Glendon – is starting to hit me.

Kelly, one of my fellow eAmbassadors made a list of that she wants to complete this year – a Glendon bucket list if you will. And she challenges her readers to do the same – so here’s mine!

  • Get a B+ in all my courses since I’m starting to look at grad schools (AHHH.)
  • Research and figure out a way to go abroad next summer.
  • Figure out a directed readings course/thesis course for fifth year. (AHHHHHH.)
  • Stick with the same degree all year. HA. Get it. Self deprecating humour. (#committmentissues)
  • Have a kick*ss year as a Don, senator and Lion’s Den Team Lead!

What’s your Glendon Bucket List?



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