A Valentine’s Letter to Netflix

Dear Netflix,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every couple of days, I get a post on my Facebook wall from friends about Netflix because they recognize the connection we have between us. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the hours I’ve spent with you.

Even when you stop working, and I may get angry at you, you always come back around, often times with more TV shows and movies to watch.

You allow me to relive my childhood while I re-watch shows “Ugly Betty” or episodes of Glee when it was good, you make me focus on the present as I watch the shows that everyone else is talking about and you make me dream about the future as I watch science fiction about aliens.

Vous m’avez exposé au monde du cinéma et télévision de la francophonie. J’ai aimé quand vous m’a enseigné la série québécoise “Les Parent”et le film français “Populaire.”

When I want to dance, you provide me with Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale concert video, when I want to cry, you offer the heart-wrenching documentary “Bridegroom” and when I’m feeling nostalgic I can watch the first two High School Musicals. (Seriously though, get the third one.)

Not only do you foster a strong connection between us but also between me and my other loved ones. We’ve bonded with my family over the documentary “La Camioneta.” My sister, niece and I spent my vacation in Houston with you last year watching “Scandal.” I’ve watched countless movies with friends on Friday nights when we have nothing else to do.

I got to feel like a kid again when we watched all of “Justice League Unlimited” during the winter break. You make feel like an adult when I watch documentaries about hard-hitting issues like capitalism, the healthcare system and oppression.

When I grow frustrated with essays, studying for exams and everything else I have on my plate, you are the perfect form of self-care.

Thank you Netflix for being there for me.

FYI, All these images have been ones that my friends have shared on my wall before. This happens probably once a week.


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