Bell Let’s Talk: Mental Health In University

1484228_689754407725920_1115455797_n“In any given year, one in five Canadians experiences a mental health or addiction problem.” (CAMH)

Bell’s annual event, Let’s Talk, is on January 28th. On this day, Bell will be donating 5 cents per text message made from a Bell cellphone, every #BellLetsTalk hashtag on Twiter and every share of their image on Facebook. It’s a great initiative that brings mental health, a topic that’s often hidden from the public eye, to the forefront. 

As my friend Nicole points out in her recent post about the event, in addition to raising funds, we also need to be engaging in conversations and discussions about mental health.

We need to talk about the fact that “almost 90 per cent of students said that they felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past year.” (The Globe and Mail)


We need to make sure we talk about the availability of resources available to students like the Counselling, Career and Disability Services.

We need to talk about Good2Talk, a great anonymous support service for postsecondary students in Ontario.

We need to know that mental health has become a very serious priority for workplaces and schools because of the demand for resources and support.

So on January 28th, send as many texts and tweets as you want. Help raise funds and awareness. But don’t stop the conversation at 11:59pm on Tuesday.

Keep the conversation going. Be open to getting the support and help you need. Stay educated about resources available.

Keep talking.


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