Student Spotlight: Beckie Hickman

One of the many things I love about Glendon is the vast diversity of students we have on campus. Every year, I have met students who show me how amazing our student population is.

Recently, I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know Beckie Hickman, a fellow third year student. We’ve known each other since first year, but this year we’ve become friends. I sat down with her and asked her some questions about her experience at Glendon.

Originally born in the West Midlands in England—similar to saying the GTA—Beckie spent the first 11 years of her life eating “crisps” (chips) and putting groceries into the “boot” (trunk) of the family car.

Only thing missing is a cup of tea.

When her and her family moved to Canada, due to other family members already being here, Beckie originally struggled because she thought she didn’t “have a culture.”

Her friends focused on her accent, which was a major factor in changing it. “People didn’t listen to what I would say just how I would say it.”  That mixed with a cultural want of an “American” accent—Beckie explained to me that in England “when playing, all the kids take on an ‘American’ accent”—led to her losing her English accent when talking with friends.

She explains she has kept her accent when talking to her family, but as soon as she’s with friends, she switches to her Canadian accent. She has since realized that there are “English things, like tea and food.”

The fabulous Yellow Team 2013

Beckie is working her way towards a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and the Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies. She decided to pursue a Specialized Honours and the Certificate because she “wanted to bump up [her] degree and do something additional to it.”

She used to watch an English TV show, “UK Border Force”, and it sparked her interest in border services. Her reasoning behind pursuing this career path with political science is “it’s more than just political parties and government” but also focuses on international relations and she can tailor her degree towards immigration.

Beckie and some of the GMUN Team

With the Refugee and Migration studies certificate, she is able to take courses  like “Introduction to International Migration” and “The Immgirant Experience in Canada” that are directly related to her interests.

What makes this certificate program really interesting is the added requirement of 15 hours of community service and mandatory attendance at related seminars like “Refugee Claim Process” and the “Tamil Diaspora.” The volunteering can be done with a number of organizations, including the World University Services of Canada, which has a levy-funded chapter at Glendon.

Beckie is all ’bout dat MUN life.

As the Vice President of Glendon Model United Nations, she loves the “cute little team things” like dinner with her teammates. She’s been a D-Frosh for two years and thinks it’s a great way to give back especially when she vividly remembers her Frosh week especially when the D-Frosh moved her stuff “at the speed of light.”

With a 2 minute commute from Hilliard to Wood, she says Night Portering is a great on-campus job for residents, especially since gets to know people a lot better “like my super awesome new friend Juan.” (I may have paraphrased the last quote… or made it up.)

Beckie is a frequent guest on Ear Candy with Jennifer, one of my favourite Radio Glendon shows!

Appearing on Radio Glendon was an idea that popped into her head just last week. “I thought I was going to throw up,” she says about her first time on-air, but it felt “weirdly natural” for her. “I talk so much, just give me a microphone.”

I decided to get to know Beckie a little more so I asked her a couple of fun questions.

If you could only bring three luxury items to a deserted island, what would they be?

I need to bring Twitter. Okay, no, scrap just Twitter. I would bring wi-fi, so I can use Twitter, and all social media. And torrent all my shows. So my computer avec wifi.”

Can you imagine her deserted island tweets?

Can you imagine her deserted island tweets?

“A huge container of tea that I’ve made, that never goes cold so I don’t have to make it. That takes up most of the island.”

“My Nan. I’d like to bring her along. We could watch soaps. Chat about life.”

What is your favourite song?

Wake Up Song : Circle of Life from The Lion King

Beckie’s favourite movie is Lion King. Mine is too. #twinning

Crying Song(s): Fix You by Coldplay, Only Time by Enya, and anything from Titanic.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.22.55 PM

Beckie really likes Christmas.

Favourite Christmas Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to high school students?

“Plan. Give yourself time to look into different programs, schools and what comes with them.

As a dedicated student who wants the most out of her degree, is involved with a club and student life, has an on-campus job and is pursuing her dream, Beckie shows just how much Glendon has to offer students, and how they can make their time at university fulfilling and important.

A summary of this post.

A summary of this post.



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