Campus Spotlight: Glendon Women and Trans Center

The Glendon Women and Trans Center has become one of my favourite spots on campus this year, and it’s because it is an awesome way to get, it’s a hub for information, and they support the community in so many important ways! Everything they provide is available to students, staff, faculty and alumni of Glendon, so they support the entirety of the Glendon community.

1.    Getting Involved!

Normally, when getting involved, I take on big roles in organizations. However when I decided to get involved with the GWTC this year, I wanted to have a more passive participation.

Volunteering in the GWTC helps!

I volunteer in the space for 3 hours/week. Volunteers help maintain the space, and explain the resources and services provided. With super comfy couches, a kettle, tea and a nice, quiet atmosphere it’s also an excellent time for me to get some work done.

I also participate in many initiatives and events the GWTC hosts. Whenever they have a different campaign, are tabling in the Breezeway or are hosting an event, I support it in everyway possible!

2. Resources, Resources, Resources!

As an organization dedicated to providing an inclusive space for women and trans-identified folks on campus, one way the GWTC accomplishes this is by having information available about issues affecting females, the trans and queer communities and families.

The pamphlets make me feel like Emma Pillsbury.

They provide everything from brochures (disponible en français aussi!) about healthy relationships, books about feminism and trans* history and resources pertaining to health i.e. cancer screening, addictions and sexual health.

Whenever I’m volunteering, I look through all the brochures they have to learn more about resources in Toronto, and I usually leaf through some of the books they have in their library that students have access to.

3. Everybody Needs Some Help Now and Then

The Centre also provides some important services that help Glendonites in a number of ways. Located in the center is an emergency shelter, which is open to anybody that may not be able to stay at home. Whether that be because they stayed at school studying late and don’t feel comfortable heading home at that hour, or perhaps for personal reasons, the shelter is available to everybody.

The Food Bank!

As a member of the North York Harvest Food Bank, the GWTC is able to provide a variety of food free to anybody that needs it. And it’s 100% anonymous too.

At some point, students will be short on food: whether it be they just bought textbooks so their finances are a little tied up or they didn’t get to grab dinner before the cafeteria closed. The Food Bank can be used to grab one can of soup for dinner or to help supplement groceries.

Some delicious chili I made with some ingredients from the Food Bank!

Personally, I use the Food Bank on weeks I don’t have time to run the grocery store or when I know there is an excess of produce or perishable items that would go to waste if nobody took them..

The Glendon Women and Trans Center educates the community, encourages people to take an active role on campus and helps Glendonites on a day-to-day basis. We are very lucky to have a space like this on our campus, and I fully support everything they stand for.

My name is Juan. I’m a Glendon Women and Trans Center volunteer. I’m a Food Bank User. I’m a proud ally to the trans* community.


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