Socio-what?! or Why I Changed My Degree?

This is new.

This is new.

This past week, I had two tests, designed a poster for a local theater in Kitchener, wrote an article for MS Canada, memorized a monologue and performed in the Fridge Festival, had approximately a billion meetings, prepared everything for the residence games during Fall Campus Day, gave tours all day to people during Fall Campus Day, baked cookies for my entire house…

Oh. And I changed my major. In the middle of my third year. Yup. That happened.

Now you may be asking yourself, why?

Well, first of all, I realized my priorities were all out of whack. You know that post I wrote on student leadership and priorities a couple weeks ago? Well, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take your own advice.

I’m often compared to George Costanza

I found myself so frustrated with everything I was involved in, especially my classes, but I chalked that up to just general busyness. However after getting some less-than-stellar marks, even after studying, on some assignments in my French classes, I started to realize that perhaps it wasn’t the best option for me.

I talked with my parents. With some friends. With an academic advisor and I realized, that for me personally, I wasn’t getting the fulfillment I once did. I loved the material in my classes, it just wasn’t sticking.

Surprisingly, I’m not often compared to Zac Efron that much…

Once I realized that something was wrong, I started to refocus my mindset. First year is a great time to try everything both academically and extracurricularly. However after first year, the time comes to really narrow down one’s involvement when it comes to professional development and personal fulfillment.

And then on the academics side, I needed to do the same thing. I love my Drama courses so I wanted to keep that as part of my studies.

So why Sociology?

I loved Relations Sexe/Genre, the sociology course I took in first year, and whenever my friends in sociology described their courses or assignments, I was always so captivated. Considering I believe in the academic philosophy of “Do what you love, love what you do”, I don’t know why it never clicked with me to just pursue Sociology.

Talking to my boss, who did sociology at Glendon, and now works in university administration, she said that her major courses were still relevant to her work nowadays. So I realized that professionally, it made more sense!

So I made the switch. I’m now a Drama Major and Sociology Minor.

I changed around my schedule for next semester so I’m now enrolled in the “Education & Society” class which is my first Sociology class as a minor. I’m super excited for it, especially since the subject matter is exactly what I want to study and work in post-university.

It was a hard decision to make, but in the end,  I feel a lot less stressed and frustrated now, knowing I made the right choice. I feel like my degree now fits a lot better with my current career path. I feel like I did what was best for me.

And that’s what matters.



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