Post-Vacation/November Blahs.

If only Olivia Pope could handle my life.

Last week, for the co-curricular days, I was in Houston, Texas to visit my sister and my recently born niece. It was a great time and a much needed break from school. It was also surprisingly productive. My sister and I got through almost the full first two seasons of Scandal. (Yes, I count that as productivity.)

Admittedly, I did less work than I had hoped for over the week, but I did do more work than I usually do on breaks from school. I also decided, somewhat haphazardly, to participate in NaNoWriMo this month. So yes, that means that in addition everything else that I do, I’m in the process of writing a novel.

Wonder what Bruno Bettelheim says about this?

But now I’m back in Toronto and at Glendon. It’s the beginning of November, and I should be super excited about the coming month. I have a ton of projects that I’m actually excited to do! For example, for my “Conte Populaire” class, I’m analyzing the movie Shrek and exploring its origins and how it comments on the fairy tale canon.

Next Sunday is Fall Campus Day, which I’m always excited about! It has consistently proven itself to be a great day where I remember how awesome Glendon is because I get to tell all the new prospective students about how great my experience is and has been. Can’t wait to see you all there!

In addition to that, I’m looking forward to this month in residence, my student government work and my involvement with GLgbt* and Lion’s Den!

Me in November. Minus the football. What is sports?

Despite all this, I can’t help but feel down. I don’t know if it’s the seasonal change or the post-vacation blues, but something feels off.  I don’t feel very motivated to write, to read… to do anything really.

I sat down to this blog post and some other writing I have to do in three different locations on campus, and in each I couldn’t find the drive to do anything productive.

So how does one combat this? 

No, really. Please tell me. I don’t know.

I’m still figuring out my own strategies to beating the post-vacation/post-midterms/start-of-winter blues.

I searched for a “Motivation” GIF.” Beyoncé came up. I know this makes me feel motivated.

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting off campus, finding a quiet place and sitting down to get some work done. That’s what I did today. I’ve claimed my corner in Second Cup, bought myself some hot chocolate and a Nanaimo bar (it kind of sounds like NaNoWriMo so that’s like working on my novel, right?). It seems to be working so far tonight. We’ll see how the rest of the evening goes.

Good luck with everything this month, folks! I know some other people are feeling the same way as me, so perhaps it’s just part of the student life cycle.

Happy November, I guess!

How do you beat those times when you feel unmotivated? Give me some suggestions in the comments down below! 


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