Why I’m Thankful For Residence

It was small Thanksgiving this year: just my brother and I. But I made it all!

In which I pretend to be Kelly by photographing the Thanksgiving dinner that I made my brother and I!

This is now my third year as an eAmbassador. I started off my blog two years ago on Thanksgiving, and then wrote a Thanksgiving-themed post last year. Keeping with tradition and now celebrating my third year living on residence, this blog post is about how thankful I am for living on residence.  Each year has given me something else to be thankful for.

First Year: D-House First Floor

I lived in Wood, D-House first floor (the Kraft Dinner room!).  Due to me being less than tidy, I spent a large majority of my time in others’ rooms.  Early mornings, late nights and lazy weekends were spent in friends’ rooms, late night studying in York Hall or hanging out in the quad.

Chinese food, taking silly selfies, and late night chats were typical of first year residence.

Chinese food, taking silly selfies, and late night chats were typical of first year residence.

Because I got to spend so much time on campus, I was able connect to the community. I attribute a large portion of my involvement to the fact that after I had GCSU events or meetings for clubs, I was able to just go back to my room on campus.

Second Year: Hilliard, G-House Basement

In the basement of Hilliard, there is G-House, there lies a floor that has suite-style rooms. The suites include two single rooms, a tiny lobby, and a bathroom that is shared by those two residents. You can apply for these after your first year—they’re first come, first served though.

Throwback to Frosh 2012 with the roomie, Morgan! :)

Throwback to Frosh 2012 with the roomie, Morgan! :)

I lived there in second year with Morgan, one of my best friends since first year. I loved it because it was akin to having my own actual place, but also I was able to get more involved with residence. I joined the A/G House Social Committee and the Residence Wide Council which showed me a different side of ResLife.

But in addition to all of that, I grew very close with the people I lived around. The people you live in residence with really become some of your closest friends and even a second family.

Third Year: Wood, B-House, Don

Because of my involvement with residence last year, and my newly found interest in student affairs and leadership development, I became a Residence Don this year, which has proven to be an amazing experience so far.

GlenDons 2013... aka some of the best people I've met.

GlenDons 2013… aka some of the best people I’ve met.

“But Juan, what exactly is a don?”

Each residence house has a Don that is assigned those residents that live there. Dons act as a source of support for the residents; whether that’s connecting residents to resources for academic support, lending an ear if residents need some emotional support, and also planning events for the house to help build a community in that house. There is always a Don available to help residents, deal with any issues, or willing just to chat.

Residence has been an amazing experience for me and I will forever give thanks for the chances I’ve had to connect with the campus, the residence community and my neighbours, and the amazing constant encouragement from the Dons.

Got some questions about Residence? Tweet them at me!

Current students/fellow eAmbassadors, got a favourite moment of residence? I’d love to hear it, leave it below in the comments!


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