3 Things I’ve Learned At Glendon

Gosh, I can’t believe I’m already in my third year at Glendon. I’ve already completed two years at Glendon, but it seems like so long ago that I first entered Glendon and moved into residence. As I type this I can hear Frosh cheering and having fun outside my window, and I can’t believe that I was them just two years ago.  I’m a very different person than when I first started, which can seem very scary.

However, knowing how much has stayed the same in those two years too, has really taught me what my core values are. There are some key things that I’ve learned about myself and life while at university. I have a few more years before I graduate, so I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot more, but here is some of what I’ve learned so far!

The vast majority of students come into university, and go through the application process with a major in mind already, and often times they feel like this is the end-all and be-all of their academic career. HOWEVER, when you get to university, you’re going to be exposed to so many more disciplines, career paths, and ideas.

Case in point, I came into university wanting to be a high school teacher. Now, I realize that my passion for education is still there, but combined with my love of leadership and extracurriculars, I’m on the road to working in Student Affairs. I love what I’m doing, and I’m doing what I love.

This year, I have 12 hours of class a week. However, living on campus, and my many roles in campus organizations means that I’m basically always here. That’s over 150 hours of time that I spend on campus, doing stuff other than just sitting in class. Why? Because for me, university is largely about the experience. In 10 years, I might not remember the symbolism present in 16th century French novels. However, the work ethic I learned while balancing everything on my plate, or the life skills I learn through donning or working with student unions will carry with me.

For me, my 5 years at Glendon will be largely based around the experiences and skills I learn outside the classroom. (Although, getting a liberal arts education is TOTALLY amazing for your development. I’m going to write about that next month.)

Especially if you move into residence, university is a huge step into independence. No longer does my mom tell me when dinner is, or to go to bed: I have to do that myself. Now, some people, admittedly myself, struggle with that in the beginning. Pro Tip: 2 AM McDonalds trips and 4 am bedtimes are actually not the greatest things for you. 

When it comes to academics, you have to schedule in your own time to make sure you do your readings, go through that writing process we learn about in school and succeed. Quand on veut apprendre une nouvelle langue, c’est votre responsibilité de chercher des occasions pour que vous puissiez l’utiliser. C’est pourquoi je me suis impliqué avec des organisations bilingues ou francophones! Make decisions and moves in your life that add to your happiness.

Remember, university is a time to experience as much of the world as you can. Taking responsibility  for your happiness and time at university means doing what you love and loving what you do. My short two years at Glendon have been amazing, because I have been making sure that it’s an amazing time.

Fellow current students, what have you learned while at university? 

Future students, what are you looking forward to learn about life or yourselves for university?


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