Summer of Juan

My dog and I go through this everyday.

In my last post, I talked about how this summer, I am planning on relaxing. I’m not going to work, so it gives me a 4 month “staycation” of some sort. However, now that summer has started, the big question is… what to do? With a bunch of my friends starting their summer jobs, or going off to Explore (like eAmbassador Michelle), I have spent the last two weeks spending time with Ellen and Anderson (aka watching a ton of daytime talk shows) and reading a bunch. Now that has been a great break from everything, but I have approximately 93 days left until I move back to Glendon for Don Training. (I may or may not have a countdown on my phone). So the question is… what do I do? 

One thing that I’m doing, that I’m VERY excited about is getting involved with community theater. The Kitchener-Waterloo region has a great theater community, and some friends and I are restaging a production called “These Shadowed Walls” that we first performed in Grade 11. Two of our friends wrote it, and we performed it for the Sears Festival. It holds a very special place in my heart, because it was actually the first play I was in. I loved that experience so much, that… well now I’m a Drama Studies major.

“Summer of Juan” is not to be confused with the “Summer of George.”

I’ve eating healthy and learning how to cook for myself which is really fun actually. I was going to get a gym membership, but after being used to the GAC’s $15/academic year price, everything both seems and is ridiculously expensive. But I have been exercising at home, and walking around the city, a lot.

So I haven’t been living the most exciting life, but I do have my birthday, the YFS Board Retreat and Toronto Pride to look forward too! Also, nothing beats just watching movies, seeing plays or just hanging out with my  friends.

What about you folks? If you’re sticking around your hometown for the summer, what kind of plans do you have? Any suggestions on what I can/should do to occupy my time? Leave a comment below!


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