A Change Is A-Coming!

April flurries bring May… wait that’s not how it goes.

If you live in Southwestern Ontario, you may have noticed some weird weather happening in our area. Like the fact we got a weird snowstorm one night in April despite it having been warm the days leading up to it. In fact this whole year has been one roller coaster of temperatures. Each day I have to look out my window to know if I should reach for a pair of shorts or my winter coat. The not-knowing of whether or not to wear one of my spring scarves, or one of my winter scarves is stressful. Okay, maybe stressful is a strong word. But it’s annoying for sure!Now I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not going to write an entire blogpost about the weather. Are you ready for the deeper theme of this post? Are you really ready?


I wrote a little bit about this concept last year at about this time when I wrote about the importance of flexibility. But the concept didn’t really hit home until this year. Because a lot of changes have been happening, and they’ve been quite sudden.

Over the last few months, my career goal and focus has shifted slightly. No longer is high school education the only career option on the horizon for me, but rather I have been considering a career in student affairs. Whether that’s student recruitment, academic advising, student services, student leadership development or some other field I have yet to discover, the world of post-secondary student affairs has greatly interested me.

Anybody that knows me, or follows my blog will know that this is a huge shift as being a teacher was a huge part of my life plan. Heck, it was my life plan. I’m not ruling it out completely, and I also know that a lot of the same values and passions are the same: creating safe spaces, helping students reach their potential and being in an educational environment.

I get to spend 4 months with my best friend!

Another recent change is what I’m doing for the summer. For the last month and a half, I was planning on staying in Toronto, living on residence, working in the city and taking some courses. However, after applying to some jobs, not getting them, weighing my options and talking with my family, I’m headed back to dear ol’ Kitchener for the summer. What will I be doing there? The major thing will be taking a break. After the craziness that has been this year, and the craziness to follow next year while I juggle being a Don, Glendon College Director on YFS, Student Ambassador and full time student, I think a nice 4 month break will be nice.

I’ll be able to spend time with friends, get in shape, learn how to cook, maybe learn how to drive. I have four months ahead of me of unplanned time, and knowing me, it’ll be a blast.

Sometimes changes can be jarring. They might not be exactly what you wanted them to be. But the important thing is finding out how to roll with the punches, find the good in everything, and realize that everything happens for a reason.

Qu’est-ce que vous faites cet été? Exciting plans? Any recent changes? Comment below or tweet me @JuanGarridoGL!


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