Connecting With Keele

Last year I wrote a post about “The Keele Connection” where I talked about some of the reasons I like to go to Keele. At that point in my York life, it was, like most things in my life, based on food. However, this year, I have gotten a lot more involved with York-wide initiatives, and because of that I’ve gained a lot of connections and friendships at Keele, and gotten some awesome opportunities. Here are some of the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to take part in!

1. Mental Health Conference

Last semester, I had the great pleasure of attending the Let’s Talk YU Mental Health for Peer Leaders Conference run through Health Ed. and a bunch of other departments at York! I wrote my #LetsTalkYU series based on what I learned from it. It was a great way to network, learn about some resources at the main campus and get involved with a York-wide initiative. (And getting to meet Drew Dudley!)

2. Social Change Leadership Certificate

Another awesome opportunity I had was participating in the Social Change Leadership Certificate program run through the friendly folks at Student Leadership & Community Development (SC&LD)! I mentioned it briefly in my #ThreeGratitudes blogpost. Great way to get involved, great way to meet new people and it inspired me to consider Student Services and leadership development as possible career paths.

3. York Federation of Students

This was my campaign picture. Super Juan to the rescue!

Earlier this semester, I was approached by my friend Sadaf, who I met through GCSU and SC&LD (she developed the certificate program I participated in) to run as Glendon Director on the York Federation of Students (YFS). What’s YFS you ask? It’s the York-wide student union but I’ll be writing an in-depth blog post about it later! Sadaf is the current Glendon Director and she felt like I would make a good fit to replace her. I was asked to run with a slate (kind of like a political party) called York United. It was a team of students from all around York. We had somebody for each position on the Board of Directors.  Through that experience, I got to meet a ton of students from Keele (being the only Glendon student on our slate), got to learn more about the workings of Keele politics and social atmosphere and I’m super excited to work with the team and get to know them better. I was fortunate enough to be elected the 2013-2014 Glendon College Director, so starting May 1st, that will be my position in Student Government.

4. Leadershape


The last experience I’ve had this year that connected me to Keele was participating in Leadershape! It’s a 6 day intensive leadership institute that takes place during the Winter Reading Week where I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and stretched to my emotional and spiritual limits and learned a lot about leadership and mostly myself. This was literally lifechanging. Leaving the 6 days I gained a better sense of self, I understood more about my strengths and weaknesses, and made lifelong friends. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about the experience, talked to a person from that trip or just been thankful for the experience. I connected with so many people; from connecting more with people I already knew going in (even some of my best friends), to getting to know some people from YFS that I’ll be working with next year, to meeting people for the first time that have completely changed my life, probably more than they’ll ever know. One word of advice; APPLY TO LEADERSHAPE!

Although it may seem intimidating at times with it’s size, and maybe not knowing anybody, there are a ton of awesome opportunities, services and people at Keele! I highly suggest getting involved with Keele somehow, whether it be through taking a course, joining a club, getting involved with an initiative that is York-wide, it’s a great place, and a great resource!

Current students: What are some awesome things at Keele you’ve been able to take part in?

Future students: Got any questions about Keele? Leave them in the comments or tweet me!



  1. LeaderShape is definitely one of the best things i’ve taken part in this year. But I’d also add McLaughlin Kid’s Day 2013 as another huge favourite. it was beautiful and exhausting and enriching. :)
    Love the post friend. :)

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