Have YU Met TED?

For those of you that are frequent readers of my blog, you probably have noticed that I tend to link a lot of my posts back to a TEDTalk. For those of you that haven’t, I think you should go back into my archives and take a gander and some of my previous posts like this one or this one. However, I bet there are some people that don’t really know what TEDTalks are. However I’m going to tell you three of the most important things that you need to know about TED!

“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could…” … Is TED behind the Avengers?…

First thing you need to know… TED isn’t a person. Hence the full capitals, which I think is  the first giveaway. (Sidebar: Imagine if I legally changed my name to JUAN. All capitals. I would never get confused with any”Juan” else ever again… haha. I’m clever.) TED is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” What started out as a conference in 1984 that assembled experts on Technology, Entertainment and Design, has grown into an international phenomenon that includes two annual conferences, their series of amazing, innovative talks and tons of other amazing initiatives.

Second thing you need to know… TEDTalks are basically the best thing on the internet. So because there are the annual main conferences, and tons of TEDx events, which are independently run TED conferences, there are hundreds of TEDTalks. Which are all available online! Whether they’re featured on the main TED website  or Youtube, there are hours upon hours of TEDTalks that will broaden your mind, enlighten you and also are a great way to procrastinate. Honestly, between playing Temple Run on my phone for two hours, or learning about the latest innovations in design and technology, which seems more justifiable when I’m supposed to be working on a literature analysis…

Third thing you need to know… TEDxYorkU is a thing.

So as I mentioned, TED sponsors numerous TEDx events every year. These are independently run TED conferences, often based out of schools or cities. York University has it’s own yearly TED conference: TEDxYorkU. This is an awesome opportunity to get involved in the community, and get experience organizing a large-scale conference. This is my second year working on the Marketing/Communications team, with both years getting experience working in Social Media. If working on the TED conference is not your cup of tea, you can still apply to be an audience member and watch the numerous amazing speakers. Last year we had everything from city councilmen, York alumni, and even some of the main decision makers at York!

TED is an amazing organization with so many awesome TEDTalks. What’s my favourite? Terry Moore’s talk entitled “How To Tie Your Shoes.” I believe that it represents everything that TED is. It’s taking a simple idea, and revolutionizing the way you think about it. It opens up your mind to alternative ways of doing something, that you have been doing since you were a kid. That’s why I love this video. That’s why I love TED.

What’s your favourite TEDTalk?

If you want more information about TED, visit our website, like our Facebook page and go follow us at Twitter: @TEDxYorkU! Also check out the “Have YoU met TED?” event at Keele on January 29th!


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