Frost Week Madness!

One of the biggest parts of university is the famed Frosh week that happens during September! A great week that welcomes in the newest batch of students with activities all week to orient them to the campus, the community and the university life! Fellow eAmbassadors Sarah and Nick have talked about Frosh Week before, so make sure you check their blogs out!

I usually hibernate during the winter, but outdoor soccer isn’t normal during January is it?
Photo Cred: Toronto Sun

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning Frosh Week in January… Well, that’s because in January we have another awesome week to welcome students back after the winter break and to usher in the batch of students that are starting their Glendon life in January. This week is called FROST WEEK! (Because it’s winter. So there’s frost on the ground. Or rather, there should be.)

Both GCSU (Glendon College Student Union) and YFS (York Federation of Students) host Frost Week events to ensure that there are tons of events on both campuses. There’s everything from movie nights, open mic nights, talent shows, pub nights and everything in between!

I’m basically Aladdin. Minus the acrobatic skills. Or the magic carpet. Or the monkey…

One that I’m very exctited about through GCSU is the Glendon Bazaar! The entire cafeteria will be turned into a marketplace of sorts (think the marketplace scene in Aladdin… minus the thieves), where students can sell anything they don’t want/need anymore, or if they have a cool artistic skill like nail painting, t-shirt cutting they can do that! Clubs will be able to sell swag. eAmbassador Francette is the one who is the mastermind behind all of it!

Frost Week has a ton of super fun events that I highly recommend. Even if you just go to one or two of the events, it proves to be a great way to relax, de-stress and take a little me time!

Got any questions about Frost Week or student life? Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me!

P.S. if you were recently given an offer of admission from Glendon, join our Facebook group “#GL2017: Glendon, Classe de 2017” to interact with other future Glendonites and ask any questions!


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