Welcome to Procrastination Nation! Population: Me.

Look, I’m being funny!

Fun fact: This wasn’t the original topic I wanted to write about this week, but I procrastinated writing it so I forgot what it was. Hence… this.

I always say “I love school.” I’ve said that if I could, I would be in school… FOREVER. And I probably will be, because when I become a teacher I’ll probably always be taking another course or additional qualification. However, despite this I am a GIANT procrastinator. I procrastinate like it’s my job. Although it’s not. Because I’d probably procrastinate from procrastinating, and then get fired. Procrastinaception.

And I find that a lot of students face this paradox. We love learning, we have a passion for education and we want to broaden our minds. But then we get an assignment and we leave it to the last minute. Or we’ll go to a lecture and not pay attention. Why? I love reading and analyzing Shakepeare’s plays, but I left my essay on my two favourite plays from last semester to the last minute. Why? How can I love a subject so much but then not want to study it, read about it or analyze it?

Guy Fieri was my best friend over the break.

I had all month over the winter break to do three readings: A play by Shakespeare, a short story by Zola and then the paratexte* from my Zola/Maupassant collection. How much did I do? I read half of my Shakespeare play.

So why do we procrastinate? A weird fear or aversion to work? The fact that we don’t like being forced to do something. Yeah sure, I love reading a great short story, and thinking about how it relates to grander scheme of things; life, love, the pursuit of happiness and all that stuff. But how DARE you have the audacity to force me do that! Is procrastination some weird way to rebel against the machine, the man, the system?

One piece of advice I have: Don’t procrastinate. A lot easier said than done, and I should probably learn to take my own advice. I’m one of those people who say “I’m good at procrastinating.” Because I always get everything done. But one day, that procrastination might come back and haunt you; a poor mark on an essay, on a test or a missed opportunity.

Get your OUAC applications in time, get those scholarship forms and essays in and please don’t slack off for second semester of high school just because you got your offer of admission already!

I should probably go do some other work that obviously I’ve been procrastinating from with this blog post. But hey, this shows how sometimes procrastination can pay off ! (Yay for enabling myself!)

Got any tips on how not to procrastinate? Put them in the comments! (And if you got any questions about Glendon, leave them here, or tweet me @JuanGarridoGL !)

*Le paratexte est l’ensemble des discours de commentaires ou de présentation qui accompagnent une œuvre.



  1. “procrastinaception” HAHAHAHA
    I don’t usually procrastinate, but I find it helps to unplug the internet (especially in res that’s easy to do), and take lots of breaks to go get snacks!
    Also, say I have an essay due next Monday… I will plan to do something really fun on Sunday so I KNOW I have to get it done before then!

  2. Love this post Juan, so well done! :)
    I am usually a mild procrastinator, but over the holidays I wrote an essay by breaking it down into smaller tasks and getting one task done a day. I found all my articles one day, wrote an outline the next, and then wrote a paragraph a day for a week. The topic was interesting but writing it just wasn’t “fun,” however when all I had to do the day before it was due was write my conclusion it was so worth the daily effort I had put in the 10 days previous.

    1. I always try to do that, but then I end up thinking “I’ll just add this to what I have to do tomorrow”… and so on and so forth. Discipline is a must for this I guess. Definitely something I have to work on!

  3. I am the worstttttt for this.
    I agree with Sarah, breaking tasks down into small things to do makes it more manageable. I have a whiteboard by my desk where I can do this, and it feels good to scratch things off the list. ;P

    1. I have a whiteboard too.. except it’s hiding behind my curtain and has been since Frosh Week. However I have started doing to do lists in my journal, so we’ll see how that goes.

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