#LetsTalkYU: Connect!

We have reached the final of our five ways to well-being in the #LetsTalkYU campaign! So far we have took notice of our surroundings, we have kept learning, we have been active and we have given something! Now, it’s time to connect! Maintaining connections to people in our lives is very important! Whether it’s catching up with an old friend, or continuing to spend time with friends that you see a lot, but in a different setting. The other night, I was very stressed out, when some friends invited me to go the movies to see Wreck It Ralph (very good by the way!) I was hesitant at first, but ultimately went through with it. It proved to be a great night and it helped me clear my mind! Make sure that you have a good system of connections; If you’re in residence, connect with your Don! I don’t know what I would do without my Don this year. Get involved with a club, go out for coffee with a friend. Even a study party, because let’s face it, they always turn into a mix of studying and chit-chatting!

Thanks for reading this series of posts! Rememeber to take care of yourselves!

Mental health is super important; just as important as your physical health so take care of both


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