#LetsTalkYU: Give!

Moving on the the 4th of 5 different ways to Well-Being according to the #LetsTalkYU mental health campaign, let’s talk about the simple act of giving! Taking some time to give something to someone else can lift your spirits and help you be well-balanced. It can be simple like volunteering with an organisation, doing a random act of kindness, helping somebody out with an assignment. I decided to try to be creative with one my “gifts” and so what I did is I took the “warm fuzzy” slip that we were given during the Mental Health conference and I went to a Chapters bookstore. I was working on some school stuff in the Starbucks section and before I left, I went and put the warm fuzzy and placed it between some pages. So whoever picks up this book, buys it or flips through it next will hopefully be reminded that “You are beautiful, smart and important! Be proud.” On the flipside of the paper, I wrote one of my favourite quotes right now:

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

However you decide to give back, it really does help. Your happiness and well-being are tied to that of your community; so by helping your community, you’re helping yourself.

As always, remember to take care of yourselves! Make sure you check out my other blogposts about the campaign: Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice!

There’s one more post in this series! Check back later this week for it!


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