#LetsTalkYU: Be Active!

We’ve learned about taking notice, and to keep learning! So what’s the third way to well-being?

Be Active

So anybody that knows me, would know that I’m somewhat of a couch potato. One of my catchphrases you might say is, “I don’t move.” However, I’ve started going to the gym recently, and am loving it! I always feel so energized and refreshed after spending some time working on my fitness. I’m basically Olivia Newton John. Find some physical activity that you love; zumba, running, swimming, lifting weights or yoga. It clears your mind for a bit, and also ensures that your overall health is kept in tip-top shape! With the Glendon Athletic Center on campus, for only 15 dollars a year, it’s very easy to find a reason to go! (Tip: Bring a friend! It helps motivate you so much!)



  1. Good for you Juan! I just started going to the gym as well and friends help to keep me on track so much.

    My favourite line: “I’m basically Olivia Newton John.”

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