#LetsTalkYU: Keep Learning

Continuing my series going through the 5 ways to Well-Being from the Let’s Talk About Mental Health campaign let’s move on from Take Notice learn about the next step: Keep Learning!

Keep Learning

I know for myself personally, I need to take breaks from working on assignments for a long time. Most of the time, it’s be Twitter, or Netflix, however sometimes I know that I’ll lose focus. So I’ll switch it up. I’ll go read an interesting news articles, or write a blogpost. This way my mind stay engaged and productive but something that I like, something fun.

In our workshop they gave us two tennis balls, and challenged us to juggle them. They taught us how and then told us to keep trying. I’d love to say that I ended up looking like the guy to the right, however I have very little coordination. So maybe juggling isn’t my thing. But I did realize that I’ve been doing this for a while. Since school has started up again, I haven’t had time to continue teaching myself ASL, however I still am always finger-spelling words I see or hear. Yay, learning!

Remember to check out CDS for more information about well-being, or any other resources on campus like your Don, in residence!



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