#LetsTalkYU: Take Notice

George, myself, Drew, Kate & our Penguin friend!

I love all the opportunities that are offered to through Glendon and York University. I’ve had a chance to participate in TEDxYorkU, the SC&LD’s Social Change Leadership Certificate program and numerous others. The most recent one that I had a chance to participate in in was YULead‘s Mental Health Conference for Peer Leaders which I learned about through my job at Recruitment.

The purpose for this conference was to educate leaders in the York community about Mental Health, so they would be prepared to deal with issues that may arise and confront them in their leadership positions. It also helped in making sure that leaders knew how to monitor and maintain their own mental heath. We got to see Drew Dudley, who is a FANTASTIC guest speaker. Here I am with him, George, a Keele student, and Kate, my Don in residence! As well it gave leaders the change to learn about the new Mental Health campaign at York University: Let’s Talk about Mental Health.  Over the next two weeks, I’ll be going through the 5 steps the campaign offers for having a good well-being!

Mental health is a very important issue to address in university students because a lot of students will find themselves in distress. How many York students? During the conference, we were told some shocking statistics: 90% of students felt overwhelmed and 87% felt exhausted. Stress, anxiety and sleep issues were the top three impediments to academic stress. So what can students do about it? The campaign outlines 5 ways to well-being. They are as follows:

Take Notice

Leah mentioned this tweet while talking afterwards.

Be aware of your surroundings and savour the moments. It’s important to live in the present sometimes, because the regrets of the past or the anxiety for the future can cause lots of stress for students. In the conference, Leah State, one of the amazing facilitators and organizers,  gave us some Smarties. But we couldn’t eat it. The worst. We were told to eat one so we all did. Then we were told to eat another one but to savour it. We slowly chewed and really experienced it. It was really different. It also made me realize that I didn’t remember actually chewing the first smartie. I mean, I must’ve but I didn’t remember. I didn’t savour it at all. Take notice of your surroundings, reflect and appreciate.

If you are feeling stressed, or overwhelmed try to find ways to de-stress. Like I wrote about couple of weeks ago, (shameless plus: Happiness = Productivity), if you’re happy and aren’t stressed, you’ll actually be more productive! Everybody is different. If you need help, check out Counseling and Disability Services and they’ll be more than happy to help out!



  1. AMAZING blog post! It’s awesome you took away so much from the conference and even more so that you’re sharing these ideas with others! great work!!

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