This past week, I had the immense pleasure of participating in York Student Community and Leadership Development (SC&LD) second of five workshops part of their Social Change Model of Leadership certificate program. The Social Change Model of Leadership was developed in 1993 as a way to further empower student to be change agents in whatever field or passion they are committed too. 

This one of two leadership certificate programs that are offered free by SC&LD. The first is the “Leadership Certificate Program”, which is a program for students who have an interest in exploring the concept of leadership and want to get involved. The Social Change Model certificate is an “advanced certificate” program, which means its for students who are already leaders and simply want to learn how to hone and develop their leadership skills and styles further. With only two workshops in, I’m already so glad that I have decided to take part in it. Check out the video that they made about these programs! 

This week’s theme was about self-reflection and learning more about ourselves, so we can be conscious of ourselves; an essential part of leadership. One tip that the program (and our awesome facilitators, Daya and Sadaf—York Federation of Students’ Glendon College Director) is to everyday think of three gratitudes; three things that we are grateful for.

The key is that you should try to think of three different things everyday. To go even further, try to think of three specific things that made an impact on you that day. It could be something like an awesome grade on an assignment, the fact that you got a chance to watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. If you really noticed how beautiful your commute at Glendon is from residence to your class, be thankful for that.

Sadaf said that her and her supervisor, Greg Langstaff, tried to that everyday this summer to help reflect on each day. They took it upon themselves to tweet everyday what three things they were grateful for.

I decided to do the same thing. Everyday, I’m going to try to tweet three things I’m grateful for using the hashtag #ThreeGratitudes. Being thankful is very important; it helps to reflect on what happened throughout the day; it helps you realize the good in your life; and if you really try to think of unique, specific things it helps you change your outlook on the world because you’ll be trying to look for the good in your life.

As has been somewhat of a theme lately with my posts, I have a TEDtalk about it. In this one, Laura Trice, a therapist, talks about the importance of saying thank you in genuine ways AND the importance of asking for thanks. She posits that people should not be ashamed of asking for recognition, if that’s what they need. You should check out her talk below!

I’d like to challenge you start thinking everyday of three gratitudes; write them down in a journal, tweet them or even write a blogpost about them! Be genuine in your thank you’s, and ask for them when you need them.

So, what are you grateful for?



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