This Is My Time

One of York University’s newest campaigns is called “This is my time.” It’s centered around allowing and encouraging students to talk about where they feel their life is going to lead them in the next 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years. Where will they end up, what dreams do they want to accomplish, what are their goals? You can check out current students’ goals at the MyTime website under “Vision Exchange.” (how many Glendon ones can you find?) If you’re a future student, check out the MuchMusic competition to win Free Tuition for a year! :) 

I recently watched a great TedTalk by Amy Purdy about “Living Beyond Limits“! She talks about how “our borders and our obstacles can only do two things: One, stop us in our tracks or two, force us to get creative.” My favourite line, however was “If you life were a book, and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?”

Also recently, my amazing Don, Kate, held an event where we all made “Vision Boards.” What we were instructed to do was find a bunch of pictures of things that represent what we want our future to be. We then posted it on a board and it’s now hanging up in my room, that way every day I can look at it and be reminded of where I want to go in my life, and how I plan on getting there! Another fun story about Kate, is one night after we watched Glee, she asked me “where I see myself in 10 years.” She also asked me “What kind of teacher I wanted to be?”  Not what did I want to teach, but what kind of teacher. I had never thought about it before. Of course I thought to my favourite teachers and what I loved about them.

Considering all these anecdotes have happened in the last week or two, my mind has been abuzz over this idea of my future, and what I want it to look like. I’ve always been a planner, when it comes to how I want to get places. I remember in grade 4, I had already decided on what teacher’s college I wanted to go to (of course, that’s changed since then.)

However despite all my planning for the future, I realized that I never really thought what my future was gonna look like. I always thought about how I was going to get there; which of course my plan always changes, because life always throw stuff at you unexpectedly! (I really should follow my own advice!)

So what do I want to have my future look like? Let’s say by 2025, where is Juan going to be in his life.

Well first of all, I’ll be 32. I’ll be living in the great city of Toronto, but I will have travelled a lot. In pursuing my life dream of going to every continent, I will have visited two more continents since then; one for a humanitarian/volunteer/teaching opportunity. I’ll be teaching in a GTA high school; I’ll be encouraging my students to express themselves through Drama and to pursue French so they be bilingual. I’ll be continuously working to foster a sense of community and equality in my school, and to help end bullying. I’ll also have a hand in improving Franc-Ontarian education. I’ll be participating in community theater whether as an actor or maybe even a director. And finally, I’ll be supporting and raising my family. One of my biggest hopes and dreams is to be a father one day. I’ll be imparting unto my child the value of hard work, dedication, love of the arts, love of languages, leadership and taking advantage of opportunities that come their way.

This is my vision for the future. It may not be the exact same as I wrote it today, but it’s something to aspire to. It’s also a good way to keep my head on my shoulders. If I find myself wondering why I’m in a class, or doing a reading, I can just look to my vision board, read this blog post and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.

What about you? What’s your vision?



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