A Great Thursday Night!

One of the questions I get a lot from friends back home or prospective students is “what do you do on residence in your free time when you’re not studying?” A lot of the time it’ll be very low-key activities. My roommate Morgan and I have taken to putting on my Netflix and watching “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” That show was actually so good! (And by good, I mean outrageously bad and corny. Ironically good.) That or we’ll watch a movie. Or take naps. Naps are a very good thing. 
However sometimes in residence, a group of us will get together and decide to do something more exciting; like this past Thursday when we decided that we wanted to make use of Gillian and Morgan’s Kitchen Access and have a lasagna night. We decided to do a veggie lasagna, a caesar salad and fruit salad for dessert! It was a perfect night, with delicious food and great friends! While we were cooking, we had my musical soundtracks playing and we sang along and danced our hearts out. Check out some pictures! :)



  1. If I had time, I would rewatch “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” :) In the summer I started to rewatch Power Rangers in Space but I didn’t have enough time to finish…

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