Jumpstart Interview with Nick

ImageIn a similar vein to my last post which came from an interview I had with Jennifer, this one is an interview I conducted with another new Glendonite, Nick Chaloux. He has just finished participating in Glendon’s “Jumpstart” program which allows incoming new students to participate in workshops that get them used to the university lifestyle.

Nick said that some of the reasons he decided to particpate in Jumpstart were so that he could come to Toronto earlier. He thought it would be a good way to start meeting people before Frosh Week. For him, the academic preparation was secondary in his decision to participate, but said it was a perk to meet professors and other important people in the Glendon community. He said it definitely provided a leg-up as opposed to not participating.

Nick said that he attended “tons of workshops.” Everything from how to take good lecture notes, to talking with a panel of Glendon students. There were workshops on how to get involved in student life and exam preparation. His favourite however was the stress management workshop. He said that it included a yoga video which the participants had to follow. He said it was difficult which led to people laughing and giggling, which ended up showing how laughter can be used as a stress management tool.

After everything was said and done, I asked Nick what he thought were the most valuable parts of participating in “Jumpstart.” One of them being meeting people. He said that it provided an easy way to meet people and there are already about 10 people he would consider good friends. They already have plans to hang out this week. On a more academic level, he said he liked how it detailed the transition from high school to university. He said that in high school he was always told that university would “hit us like a brick”, but high school teacher never explained why or how it would. The workshops on what would be expected of them and the workload were very big helping hands.

Finally, as Nick moved into residence early for Jumpstart, I asked him if there were any tips he could give to other incoming students.

1, “Bring down what you NEED and then add into it.” If possible, when you first move-in bring only the necessities and basics, and then slowly bring more in on future trips to and from home. He said it’s easier that way than trying to jam everything you own at once into your room.

2. “Bring a shower caddy for to and from the washrooms” It’ll make your life a lot easier!

3. “Use VOUS for professors!” Nick said that this was one of the facts that he learned during Jumpstart that he’s glad he learned ahead of time!

Well there you have it! If you have any other questions about residence, academics, finances or student life in general make sure you keep sending them our way! We love to help you out! Ask on the FB group, tweet us or leave a comment here on the blog!


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